October 8, 2013

Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam

Aside from samples and sheet mask, most of the time when I'm new with a brand I usually get a cleanser to try because it's one of the cheapest product.  So for Missha,  I got cleansing foams that I thought are refill packs from GMarket.

Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam

I got this strawberry cleansing foam together with the chocolate and green tea variant for only 7000 won ($6.71) in GMarket (chipipay , right?).  Aside from it's cheap, the packaging is also lovely and elegant in my opinion:  girly but matured enough for me to like the appearance.

In general, the Creamy latte Cleansing Foam contains Milk that makes skin clean, moisturized and nourished.  The Strawberry variant are for those with normal skin type.  Green tea are for those with oily and/or sensitive skin type while the Chocolate are for those with Dry skin.  I should have started with the chocolate variant but just got really interested with the strawberry  because I'm thinking of strawberry milk shake.

korean everywhere, how I wish I know how to read and write and speak hangyul

At first, I got really disappointed with the scent because I can smell a "burning chemical" (it's hard to explain) from it so what I do is thoroughly lather the cleanser first on my hands before applying it on my face that way I can't sniff the chemical fragrance part and all I can smell is the heavenly strawberry milk-shake smell ~yummy~

weird or gorgeous?

Another interesting part of the cleanser is it's appearance, it's in shimmery pink that glimmer's under the light that I think every girly girl out there will like (correct me if I'm wrong).

As for it's cleansing prowess, it's just okay.  It can remove the usual dirt in my face but will not leave it squeaky clean, it leaves a moisturize feel though (I wanted a cleanser that can do both).  I don't think it can remove heavy make up too (I tried removing my non waterproof eyeliner with it and it takes a lot of rubbing before it was remove off my hands).  In short, this cleanser should be use after removing all the make-up off the face and would be great with the double cleanse method.

Well, this is my third post for the day and I'm running out of word and sense? so bye for now.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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