October 8, 2013

Mizon Herbosys Ampoule

A week has passed and I'm still sick but I guess the weekend is the sickest of them all because I slightly lost my voice and my friends and family teases me whenever I try to talk saying I have a sexy bedroom voice or a deep whisper voice.  I don't know why I'm sharing this ahahaha, have you ever experienced this kind of dilemma?

Moving on, here's another review for Mizon products.  Pardon the pics, I don't know why our windows are extra dirty and dark in the pic ahahaha.

Mizon Herbosys Ampoule in Deep Sea marine Collagen and  Herbal Orange Blossom

Again, I got these two for only 500 pesos with Bae Lu so that's like 250 per bottle.  For an ampoule, I think that's pretty cheap and don't worry these are still being sold by Mizon (they are not in promo this time though).

Herbal Orange Blossom Ampoule

I first tried the Orange Ampoule variant because it says in the description that it helps to brighten and revitalize dull skin (I have dull skin!, check!) and it really  does help in brightening and revitalizing dull skin but up to a certain extent only, say 20% to 30% only.  I already finished this product but the effect won't get any further, continued use will only maintain what has been achieved for the first two weeks of using the product but anyway I love how it helped in lessening the appearance of my freckles.

sorry, but my phone cam can't focus on the product
It should smell orangey but this ampoule smells like a flower, a delicate one so I'm okay with it and it's cloudy in appearance and a bit sticky that those with combi or oily skin might have a little trouble with it's consistency but for me with a dry skin, it's actually just okay...at first it's sticky but I'll just allow around 30 seconds to a minute to pass before I apply my cream and everything seems normal meaning my face don't look oily.

Next is the Deep Sea Marine Collagen Ampoule.

Deep Sea Marine Collagen Ampoule

I actually gave this to my sister.  Use it a couple of weeks then gave it back to me because it's too sticky for her (note that she have an oily skin).  Tried it and have to agree that this one is extra sticky than the orange variant.

and this is how it looks like

If you have read most of my skincare posts, then you might have an idea on how I like products with collagen so without a doubt I got excited when I first tried it (even with the sticky issue, I figured that I'll use it during nighttime).  I like that's it's really moisturizing and the scent is really relaxing, not a weird like fishy smell.  I have to stop using this on my face though because I had an allergic reaction to it (I'm allergic to seafoods but I never thought that I will also have a reaction with products with marine derived ingredients).  Well, I'm not sure about the ingredients in this ampoule because everything is korean.  But then again I don't want to waste product so my feet gladly accepted this ampoule (happy feet).

Overall, If you are on a budget or just starting out in skincare...Mizon products are a good choice, I mean they are affordable and is effective on a certain level.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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