October 8, 2013

Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream

I am supposed to post this last week but ohhhhhh bed weather and all I wanted to do is listen to Silversun Pickups or watch essiebutton on youtube and lie in bed and eat (I actually already eat all my junk foods for the week, opsie!).  Even the pictures that I took expressed how lovely the bed weather is last Monday so I got tamad na naman.

Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream
At some point of my blogging life, I got so addicted to GMarket that I always get high whenever there's promo (later did I know that they always have some kind of promo) and got this cream from Mizon.  Not directly from GMarket though but from Bae Lu, my medium in buying korean cosmetics/skincare from GMarket and if I'm not mistaken I got this; together with an eye cream, for 500 pesos (not bad for a 300 ml cream).

So Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream is an all in one product that can be use on the face and body.  From their GMarket page this is being compared to one of Kielh's products (never tried any Kielh's product though) and is said to be a superhero to save dry skin which pretty much explaing the tub's packaging.

white cream

I started to use this at the pick of Manila summer and it made my face a little oily during daytime so I only used this during nighttime and on my body only but had to stop because it's just too hot and humid that I decided to reserve this cream on rainy days (a good decision for me).  That's when I started to hate this product because it gave me minor breakouts but come last week of June up to know, I came to appreciate how lovely this product is.  First, it really saves my dry skin from drying further by moisturizing it without the sticky feeling.  Second, it does makes my skin soft and velvety as if I'm wearing a "leg balm" (forgot the exact word but Missha is selling a balm that makes the legs look flawless).  Third, it gives this sheen as if I put a cc cream on my body, I don't know if you can see it on the picture but that's how I see it.

when applied

Now before you say wow, there's an important fact that you should know:  this product is discontinued by Mizon ahahaha what a waste huh but there are still some online shops that sells this cream.  I guess Mizon is improving the Ultra Repair line as I see some products under this line from GMarket with new packaging.  Well, they really have to improve it because if you noticed "normal" is misspelled in the packaging.  I wanted to be more specific with this post but what's the use if this product is discontinued?  Anyway, just sharing what I think about it and maybe in the future, try the newer formulation because it's cheaper than my usual body butter.

Oh this one comes with a freebie, a full size eye cream (that's why I love shopping with Bae Lu, she gives me the freebie that comes with the product that I order).

Ultra Repair Wonder Eye Cream

I got really excited to find this eye cream on my package because it's free!!!  I got high hopes when I first used this because it's just amazing how the liquidy texture turned something into creamy.

it's like a serum

This eye "cream" is easy to apply because of it's liquidy texture that turns into something creamy once applied and spread under the eyes.  Sadly, it didn't do anything to help my undereye problems (i.e. dark circles, wrinkes) plus it looks as if my eyebags are oily and it always leaks, I'm planning to transfer this to a bottle and use it as a foot  lotion because I don't want to waste product and I think it's moisturizing enough for my feet.

Well that's it.  I hope we can all make wonders this week.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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