October 23, 2013

Just Sharing my Excitement!

I got excited when my seller friend Bae Lu sent me a message that my orders arrived last weekend and got stoked when I saw the pics of my order.  She even said she got happy while checking my orders.  Well, who will not get  happy with these stuff:

the mandatory freebies

No, the masks and hand creams are not my main orders but they are the mandatory freebies from the seller in GMarket.  It's "free" so why not?

fresh from the box with bubble wraps
From Laneige, I got the Water Bank and White Plus Renew Essence samples for me to try and a miniature/travel skincare set for an I don't know reason ahahaha...maybe I got overwhelmed with the shop in GMarket.

Laneige samples

Next is from Iope.  Not familiar with the brand?  Well if you are a subscriber of Michelle Phan's then you might have heard the Iope Air Cushion Sunblock Ex-Cover in her summer favorites video (you can watch the vid here).  I heard about the brand from Hope in a Blog but only learned from Michelle how to pronounce it :)

Iope is under Amore Pacific who is also behind Etude House and Innisfree.  You can check Amore Pacific's site here.

Iope samples

Next are from Sulwhasoo.

Sulwhasoo Samples

Sulwhasoo is a high end brand in Korea under Amore Pacific and there's no freakin way that I can afford their full sizes skincare products so I went for the samples.  By the time that I'm making my order, I have no emulsion that's why I ordered a lot but then I couldn't help but buy one when Etude House went on 20% sale so I guess I have two quarters supply of emulsion now?  Hehehe, I don't mind.

And as you can see there's a Missha bags in the photo.  I wish they are mine but they are for Bae Lu's other customer.  Dang, I should have ordered when there's a 1+1 event, now all I do is look at the photo (I hope the customer wouldn't mind ^^).


All photos are from Bae Lu's fb page from here https://www.facebook.com/bae.lu.fashion/media_set?set=a.682243881788928.1073741854.100000099676763&type=3.  You can like her facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/baeluBFCuisine to know what's the current promo from Korea.

I still don't have my orders as I asked her to wait for my Clio and maybe my 3W Clinic Natural Make-Up Powder before shipping all of these to me.  I'm excited for November, I smell Christmas!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Wow that is a lot of stuffs so jealous right now XD I love how Korean brands gives out a lot of samples when you buy from them :)

    Follow exchange sis? :) Vanity Kitchen

    1. and are quite affordable to :D sure, let's follow each other XD


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