October 28, 2013

Zenutrients Skin Defense and Anti-Cellulite Oil

I noticed that I've been madaldal (talkative) in my recent posts, do you mind?  Now, I'm speechless and don't know how to introduce these two products from Zenutrients...hmmm let's just say that these two are already in my review head since August and thinking that it would be best to review them in that month since August is buwan ng wika in the Philippines and Zenutrients is a Filipino brand (connect?).

Skin defense + Anti-Cellulite Oil

Let's move on and dig into Zenutrients Skin Defense and Anti-Cellulite Oil.  I heard this brand from Ms. Daphne's blog back when the brand's name was Zen Natural + Organic and been attracted to the colorful products in the tubs and eversince I've been searching where the nearest shop or kiosk to me.  Unfortunately I couldn't find one so it took me 2 months before I finally got to try two of their products when I was in Trinoma.  I don't have much money that time so I only got two products and the main reason why I like to try this brand is about their cocoa butter and other body butters since my current body butters are getting pricier.

Oops I'm getting madaldal again but I just have to share this photo that I saw while searching the net:

photo from http://www.catjuan.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/zenutrients10.jpg

Very lovely place, I wanted to visit it.  You can go to catjuan.com for more photos and know more about the brand.

Now moving on the products that I have, for real.  Let's start with Anti-Cellulite Oil which has become my BFF on my first week in Yoga.

Zenutrients Anti-Cellulite Oil
P225/around $5

If you do not have cellulite then it's either you are blessed with a beautiful skin and body or your just lying.  Hehehe everybody has cellulite, it's just that in others it's not that visible.  I have tons of them on my hips because of my ever changing body shape when I was in high school and college.  I already accepted that they are now already part of my body but wouldn't want them to multiply like grimlins so I decided to give the Anti-Cellulite Oil a shot.

This Anti-Cellulite Oil has Ginger, Green Tea and Eucalyptus.  It was inspired by the complementary force of yin and yang that binds nature together as one whole.  Just apply liberally to desired or affected area and it can be used on a daily basis.

Full ingredients are Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Green Tea Extract, Ginger Extract and Coconut Oil.  Oha, all natural!  And having all these natural ingredients, the smell is herby and I liked it.  I know some of you don't like herby smell because you remember your grandma but this one is just so relaxing, cooling and calming that it helps me get into a deep sleep.  The smell also helps me to breathe better when I'm having colds.  Really, just the smell makes me wanna hoard more of this oil.

brownish oil

Aside from the smell, I'm also loving how this oil soothes my body.  It's warming yet cooling at the same time that it relaxes my aching muscles, that's why it became my bff when I was just starting with Yoga when every part of my body is aching and swollen.  It also calms my skin when it's irritated, like when it's itchy or some insects gave me a big bite. It's oil but it's non-sticky so that's another plus.  For the anti-cellulite thing, hmmm the one on my hips are still there but less bulging and I don't see any new comer but I guess I have to use this for years before I can really tell if it helps in my cellulite mini problem.  Anyway, the soothing and calming properties of this oil already satisfied me.

Next, Skin Defense which says to protect the 1st layer of defense against external damage.  This balm has a Cocoa Butter that works against scars, wrinkles and stretchmarks, Virgin Olive Oil that makes skin silky and supple and Virgin Coconut Oil that kills bad bacteria, most viruses, yeast, fungus and supports skin cell rejuvenation.

Skin Defense
P199.95/ aorund $4

I actually wanted the Cocoa body butter but the sales lady said that it's out of stock since it's one of the best selling item in Zenutrients and ask me my concern and recommended this balm.  I actually wanted to have Cocoa body butter because aside from deep moisturization it is also said that cocoa helps in minimizing the appearance of scars and I have tons of scars in my legs because of my allergy.  So I gave it this a shot and I love that it smells like chocolate, my gosh I'm always tempted to lick this balm.

and this is how it looks like

I'm a 50/50 on this product.  At first week, I'm seeing good results because most of scars and scratches on my legs are "healing".  I noticed that the scars that are still considered baby (around 1 month old) healed really fast and no trace of scar can be seen but older than a month, I think I need to apply this balm forever before it will be forever gone.  Also, since this is a balm type it's a bit heavy on the feel but lately (just when I'm running out of it) I learned that it will feel as if I'm just wearing a light lotion when I apply this balm immediately after getting out of the shower (just lightly patting the skin, leaving it with some water).  Also, this balm have some mini bits to it which is not visible to the naked eye and wondering now if I could use it as an exfoliant to my face especially to my nose area, let's see if it can remove whiteheads and blackheads.

It's actually a nice product with a yummy smell, I just wish they sell it in a bigger quantity since 75 grams is not enough for a month's consumption if I use it daily.

Oh how I wish Zenutrients' flagship store is near my house so I can get into thier yummy looking scrubs and moisturizers and oils anytime I want.  I hope there's Ginger Minty Rub and Eucalyptus & Peppermint body scrub available when I visit one of their kiosks.

photo from http://daphne.ph/zen-natural-organic

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Right now, I want to try the body oil just because the scent would make me breath easier at night. (I'm having colds again!) And I can imagine the hot and cold feeling on the skin at the same time, parang ang relaxing sa mucles. :D

    1. me too, I'm always having colds and this one helps me breath too because of the ginger-minty smell plus the soothing mala "vapor-rub" effect na medyo on lighter side so I really like it XD


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