November 19, 2013

I'm Hauling in Love Again this time with Sae Sil

(I'm listening to Eagle Eye Cherry's Falling in Love Again)  It's the first time that my blood boils and be palengkera at the same time (I kind of force myself so they can feels my woe) just because of a courier. In the end, I feel boggled as to what I've done was wrong or to harsh but then I paid a sum amount of money for a good service...but then again... ehhh enough, I think I'm torturing myself too much.

I made another order (my wallet is definitely skinny now) from an online seller named Sae Sil Parknshop(hmmm maybe I should make a post regarding all the online shops that I transact with this year) and I'll treat it as an early Christmas gift to myself.

Missha Sets

The items from Missha really looks like gifts because they are in a box set (maybe I should wrap them so I can open something on Christmas day since I seldom have gifts on that special occasion boohoo). I got stunned with the The Time Revolution Best Seller Trial Set because its cuter than I expected: I imagined it to be as tall as a "Venti" cup from Starbucks but it turns out it's just "Tall". Anyway the box is so gorgeous with its prism gold design. I also got the Super Aqua Special Gift Set because I'm loving the essence from this line. It's kind of lame that I didn't ordered it when it's at 30% but still got it at 20% off but still sayang yung 10% which is equivalent to 1 sticker in Starbucks (are you collecting stickers for the planner?, but I guess it's still a good buy!

they can fit at the palm of my hands

Next would be from The Saem: I got a tub of Aloe Vera Gel which is cheaper than Nature Republic's hahaha (extra moolah too for the shipping). I also got a (drum roll please) a pack of daily sheet mask from Etude House. Oh my please someone out there give this crazy lady a medication to her mask addiction.

aloe and honey

Lastly is this critically acclaimed powder: The 3W Clinic Professional Makeup Powder formerly known as Palgantong. I wanted the transparent pearl but Sae Sil is only offering the light and natural beige (I ordered the pearl from another seller, guess who?). Good thing my sister is also interested with this powder so I'll just give it to her as a gift.

3W Clinic Powder Crystal Creator Bright

And freebies!!!!!

ohhh green tea :)

Wahhh, I should have ordered a little more after my friend's order got out of stock to avail Sae Sil's freebie of the month.  I'm actually drooling over her November treat which is Pepero!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I am obsessed with sheet masks, so I completely understand how you feel! I am also a sample whore, and I usually get more excited for the samples than for the actual products that I buy! XD
    Could you please give a link to the shops that you buy from? That would be really helpful :)

    1. what should we do then ahahaha. I'll make a quick post soon for the shops ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Helen, sorry I accidentally deleted your comment when my phone hang :( but to answer your question, local yung mga pinagoorderan ko pero si Sae Sil filipina na nakabase sa Korea. I got the mask on sale :)

  3. Hi Ms. Arya! I am a new blogger po tapos I'm new to online shopping when it coms to korean brands kasi I'm scared na baka hindi sila original. Please do an article on your trusted online shops, that would really be awesome.

    1. Hi Welcome to the Blogging World!!!
      I actually have apost with the online shops that I dealt with but it's already an old entry...Maybe I'll update it when I go bavk to blogging :) thanks for dropping by


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