November 17, 2013

Watsons 3 Day Sale

Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and other kinds of personal stuff are usually what keeps my shopping basket heavy whenever there's Watsons sale but of course there are some deals that are worth buying and I am sharing it here in my blog.

buy 1 take 1 and mark down prices

I couldn't resist not to take home a buy 1 take 1 foot soak for only P109, my feet badly need a good soak since I neglected them for many months now.  To refresh it, I also bought a foot scrub in peppermint from Landers with a markdown price of P99 plus another 10% off for having an advantage card.

The Vaseline Cocoa Glow also has a markdown price of P99 plus another 10%.  I still have a lot of lotion to be honest but I don't know why I've been haunted to buy a lotion in cocoa.

regulars but still on sale

The St.  Ives Exfoliating Body Wash is a replacement for The Body Shop body polish that I usually use and if it works well then hehehe I'll save a lot of bucks (P235 less 10% comparing it to the price of The Body Shop which is around more or less P400?).

I heard about the Nichido Lip Blush from Kate of Kateastrophic and based on her watches, I decided to try it too in an orangey color but I got the wrong shade because I just grab the item behind the tester without reading grrr, I never learn.  Anyway, got it for P88 less 10% again.

For me the cotton pads from Watsons are the best, they are soft and smooth on my skin and are cheap too, P69 less 10% for 210 pieces of cotton pads.

buy 2 take 1 and buy 1 take 1

I have new pairs of shoes, wore a pair last week and they tortured the back of my ankle.  I should always remember to wear band aid the first time I wear a new pair of shoes and an extra large plasters will be perfect to avoid the torture, so I grab Watsons Extra Large Washproof Plaster which are on a buy 2 take one.  One pack cost P29.

Can you believe that the Asian Secrets Lulur with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E are on a buy 1 take 1 basis?


  1. Oh snap I missed the Asian Secrets sale at Watsons! Dati ko pa siya gustong itry! Haha

  2. I picked up a few items too. Most of them were watsons brand products :D Stocked up on my favorite hand wash and body scrubs. Sayang I forgot to pick up cotton pads. :(

    1. I also stock up on hand wash refills which is cheaper now ;) sayang, pinakamura ang cotton pads ng watsons mas mura pa kaysa sa saizen

    2. Agreed. I also like that it's thin, that might be a 'con' for some, pero feeling ko tipid kasi it doesn't soak up too much product.

    3. tipid nga siya sa product, I also like that it's thin

  3. I totally missed the 3-days-sale. what the heck. I wanted to try the Vaseline lotion since my skin is really really flaky dry. Sayang talaga 'cause it is marked down to P99. :(((

    1. ay sayang may 10% off then pag nakaabot 1500, pero may susunod pang sale siguro. the Vaseline is quite thick kaya perfect siya sa really dry skin


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