November 2, 2013

Oh Look What I Got: Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser

Finally, I got my hands on the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Specialty Cleanser.

Olay Regenerist Specialty Cleanser

Actually, it's mine and my sister's.  We decided to share with the device since we are new to this kind of thing and the skeptic in us won't let us buy each of our own, so my sister just bought spare brush heads.

Olay Regenerist Replacement Cleansing Brush Heads
P349 for 2

Going back, the set of Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Specialty Cleanser (what a long name) consist of  a facial cleansing device, a brush head, a 20ml sample size of Skin Renewal Cleanser and 2 AA batteries (yep, it's battery operated).  Wow, what a complete kit that  I can't believe that the batteries are inside the box set.

what's inside

My sister was the one who mentioned this to me when Ms. Daphne featured this specialty cleanser in her blog.  I search for reviews and everything is positive and so my sister and I got psyche and always check if there's already an available unit in SM San Lazaro Watsons (I think for 4 weeks, we always ask the Sales Assistant assigned if they already have one) and finally, when we are about to give up it magically appeared today!

and here it is in all it's assembled glory

First impression:  I like it because it's just so soft on the skin, it's as if I'm having a facial massage.  Let's see if this can really help in making my skin forever young (cross fingers).

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. WOW! Is this just like Clarisonic? I'm excited to read your future review on this! Hope it works. Mukhang worthy investment siya. :)

    1. Yes it's like Clarisonic but cheaper and is more readily available sa tin because it's in Watsons :D

  2. Wow. Looking forward to your update.

  3. Wow. Looking forward to your update.

    1. Thanks Rae =) wait did you.just woke up or matutulog ka pa lang?


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