November 3, 2013

October 2013: The Rise of the Blog

During All Saints or All Souls Day (sometimes both), by the time that the night bites the rays of the sun our family light candles all over our yard and home (around 15 to 20 candles), our neighbors too (and probably our whole barangay although not as much as the candles that we light but most put the candles in their gates) do the same thing and the street in the province that I live in just look pretty with all the candles around.  Most of the time too we make this foggy/smokey effect (with the dried leaves and newly cut grass that my siblings collected and sometimes incense) and turn off the major lights in our house and from the outside our home (with the smokey and candles) look so magical but of course to others it's looks spooky.  *Sigh* a snippet of my childhood that I miss because I was in the office, working during November 1!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a blast with maybe all the halloween parties that you attended (hmmmp, I didn't attend one) and in just a couple of weeks it's Christmas/Holiday Season na (which means vacation time too and I badly need one). Now this October I'm just so amazed that I'm regularly (on a weekly basis) posting, just when I thought that by the end of the year this blog will totally shut down but nope it rises.

I know during month-end's I usually post what food that I like and other whatnots but I do not have any so I'll move on with my empties and soon to be empties.

my sister's really amazed at how I empty a lot of products

I'm just so happy that I made a blog post for all of these stuff which been rare of me lately but hell yeah I'm catching up with all the products that I have.  Except for the eye cream, I'm loving these products especially the Zenutrients Anti-Cellulite Oil because of it's soothing properties.  The products are (click product for links to my posts):

1 Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Sleeping Pack
2 Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Eye Cream
3 The Body Shop Macadamia Body Butter Duo
4 Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream
5 Zenutrients Anti-Cellulite Oil
6 The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish

Also in just maybe 3 to 5 uses or so, I'll also be emptying these products and will, I don't want to stock the containers in my already cluttered closet.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I'll be done dealing with these products before the week ends.

1 Hair Treats Hair Spa
2 Purebeauty Exfoliating Gel (review soon)
3 Za Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer
4 TonyMoly Panda's Dream Good-Bye Dark Eye Corrector (i'm using it as a hand and foot cream now)
5 A generic sponge from Landmark

I also just keep on playing the songs that are on my phone which is weird for me because every now and then I keep on searching for songs that suits my mood/taste.  Anyway two songs of the The Killers (I know I keep on mentioning the band since last month) caught my attention when I saw their respective live versions.

The first one is A Dustland Fairytale.  I'm okay with this song when I first heard it and all I said was "nice...decent and clean"  I only appreciated it's meaning and connect with it when I'm pondering what to do with my life.  Totally fell in love with it when I watched the Abbey Road live version, my eyes just turned watery and feeling just keep on surging for so many reasons.  The song is actually very personal to Mr. Brandon Flowers because it's about his parents and about Nevada but the song is just so versatile that I guess anyone who'll hear it will have it's own interpretation and connection (I read some of the comments and I'm somehow right about this).  I wanted to share the video here but it's not allowed anymore, so just click on the links.

Strong and Magical!

"God gives us hope But we still fear what we don't know The mind is poison"

The next one is Sam's Town.  Now I hate this song when I first heard it..Still not into it the second time because it sounds too theatrics which I think is unnecessary but again as I go deep into the lyrics I started to get the song and has been in my fave playlist the fifth time I heard it.  I like to hear the live version and saw their Albert Hall concert on youtube and man it's as i f I'm transported and time-spaced in the hall and I started to sing as if I'm with the crowd and The Killers.

"Why do you waste my time?  Is the answer to the question on your mind  And I'm sick of all my judges  So scared of what they'll find But I know that I can make it..."

So have you ever seen the lights?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. It's so fun to use up stuff para walang sayang. :D I'm looking forward to reading your review on Purebeauty Exfoliating Gel.

    1. sayang kung basta na lang itatapon eh. will review the exfoliating gel soon :)


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