November 4, 2013


It's been a while since I posted any masks that I used lately.  Actually, for the first 2 weeks of October I haven't used any mask sheet but 3 weeks prior to that I used masks on a daily basis.

Do you still remember the below photo that I posted on  July 2013: It's Definitely Raining (food)?  Most of them are from FoodAHolic which I ordered from Bae Lu and each variant is in a pack of ten and I'm trying to finish one variant at a time before trying out others.

my growing collection of sheet masks

Today I'm going to share with you what I think about the Potato, Snail and Orange variant from FoodAHolic.  But first let me show you how the "sheet" looks like.

sorry, my eyes are not so charming in this photo

Aside from the cheap price (I paid around 600 or 700 for 50 sheets before), one of the reason why I got attracted to buy FoodAHolic mask is the "3D" Shape Natural Pulp Mask.  I'm just so curious as to how will a mask becomes a 3D and in the photo there's this some kind of fold in the center and that's basically how the mask became 3D.  I'm having a little issue at how small the hole this mask have in the eye area and how long the nose area is but well I'm just gonna use it for a couple of minutes so I don't really mind.  For the feel of the sheet itself, well it's like a combination of paper and cotton and how strong the sheet is depends on the variants which for me is a bit weird since I'm guessing the manufacturer is just using the same material for the mask sheet.

11500 won for 50 mask sheets with local shipping
bought through Bae Lu

Let's start with the top performer in this set which is also the weirdest variant for me: Potato!

FoodAHolic Potato Natural Essence Mask
Contains potato extract that moisturizes your skin through soothing your sun tanned skin and easing stress on the skin

It's light, non-sticky, refreshing, it's soothing and best of all it helped in making the bumps in my face smaller after just two uses of this masks:  simply amazing.  It also doesn't have a foul smell and the sheet doesn't tear easily even if I keep on tugging it.  It also just have the right amount of essence so the mask doesn't fall off my face even if I walk around the house or if drying my hair.  Moisturizing last for the whole night and day and my skin also looks healthy with this.  For the elasticity part hmmm I do not know how to measure it or how will it appear in my face, do you know?

FoodAHolic Snail Natural Essence Mask
Contains snail secretion filtrate effective for skin to nourish and elasticity, filled skin with rich moisture and makes the skin tight and shiny

The average worker, Snail fortunately doesn't have a slimy smell although the essence of this one is a bit thicker than the potato.  With all the rave about snail essences I thought that this variant will be superb and will make my skin looking fantastic, maybe repairing the scars from my recent pimple outbreak but nope it's just okay like your average mask but it does makes my skin shiny after use.  By the way, the description that is in the caption of my photos are from the back packaging of the masks and I hope FoodAHolic improves this part.

FoodAHolic Orange Natural Essence Mask
Contains orange extract that has a plentiful Vitamin C.  It maintains the skin glow and healthy as well as improves skin elasticity through skin pore contracting effects

Lastly, the loser among the three:  Orange.  Let me start with the smell of the essence: you know when you spray car air freshener and leave the car under the heat of the sun for an hour and when you open it there's this unexplainable head churning smell?  That's the smell of this variant's essence.  The sheet too seems to be weak as it tear easily even with just a gentle tugging.  I kind of expected a lot from this variant because it claims to clear skin and clean the pores but unfortunately it didn't do anything and there are times that this give me pimples.  This variant my dear friends is not pleasant at all and made me conclude that my face hates mask sheets that are in orange and lemon flavor.

I hope this post will help you in your sheet mask conquest.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. That's a lot of masks sis! I really love masks from Korean beauty brands. I find them really effective. :)


    1. True and most of them are at an affordable price

  2. WHAT SORCERY OF MASK IS THIS?? Hahahahahaha That is a lot! And you wanted more! Ikaw na! Hahahaha

  3. wow thats a lot of facial masks sis! you must be the mask expert :) other than this brand what other brands do you recommend? :) i havent tried any masks ever. i got one as a gift but didnt use it because the scent was too strong and unpleasant.

    1. Hehehe. The best mask that I tried so far with an affordable price is from Innisfree

  4. can I ask something? you said you paid 600 or 700 for 50 of these masks, may I know what currency is it in? 600 won(krw) ?? or what? :O

    1. hi Ivy, its pesos. that's around $15. i know my currencies in my past post are not clear, I'm trying to put more of currency info. in my 2014 posts :)

  5. It's realy cheap from where you bought it! Can you like tell me where you purchased it or if you have a link if it was purchased from a website. We actually have that here in our city,but I don't know up to when it's gunna be available. And besides, other areas in our province doesn't have these products. I've tried the collagen variant and it works great! ;) ((Actually, I've tried it once last day and maybe I'm gunna use another one tom.)) I got mine for Php45.00 for two (2) pcs.

    1. I saw them in gmarket and ask a local online store to buy it for me (Bae Lu is the name in fb but I don't know if she still accepts orders)

  6. love your review. <3


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