November 25, 2013

Online Shops That I Dealt With

So I can't concentrate on doing a product review since there are eyes on the sides watching me blogging and I get irritated and agitated whenever this happens (my sister is always the one who does this but my brother visited us and he's also doing it right now, grrr).  So I'll just post about the shop that I dealt with for this year as promised.

Let's start with GMarket which I discovered because of a friend who adores Bigbang and Bigbang endorses GMarket which is the only international shop that I tried.

GMarket logo

Gmarket is a Korean Ebay that sells well; korean stuff from cosmetics, skincare, kpop stuff, soho (clothes, shoes, bags and accessories) to different kinds of food (ready to eat to vegetables and canned goods) and so much more but mainly got the eyes of the world because of it's great deals like buy 1 take 2 or products that are on a ridiculously great discounts.  It got my eyes because of skincare that are undeniably affordable.  I only have two problems with GMarket, first is the expensive EMS shipping cost and second which is not GMarket's fault, is the EMS and customs in the Philippines.  When there's no one to received my package, I have to go to the main office of EMS which is really far and somewhat secluded place that I have to pay a lot of money for taxi, worst if Philippine customs held your purchases ---expect to pay thousands (and this is where Bae Lu enters).

To shop just go and register to  Oh take note that some shops charge a local shipping fee.

Next is my GMarket here in the Philippines! Bae Lu!

Bae Lu's current profile pic

If there's something that I want from GMarket but is hesitant to order because of the two above reasons then I message Bae Lu; a Davao-based seller, ask for the price and ETA and pre-order the item.  If GMarket is on sale then expect that the price that Bae Lu give you will also be on sale.  My first order from her is 20 masks from TheFaceShop for P500 plus shipping fee last year  and from there on I constantly order from her because she's one of the sellers that can handle my ever changing mind plus one of the cheapest online shop too.  She also sells high end products and also offer items from Forever21 and ships internationally (just ask her for more details).

You can message her on her page at or add her (just type Bae Lu)

If I wanted something that is already on hand, then I check Kkochi Pida's page.

a screenshot of Kkochi Pida's profile and timeline pic

Kkochi Pida offers on hand assortment of korean cosmetics and skincare products at a very competitive price.  Just make sure to get ready to type "mine" fast when she post her items because they sell like hot pancakes.  She also accepts pre-orders and is known to be a really friendly seller.  She's Manila based but I think she also ships internationally.

I transact with her via facebook.  You can just add her at Kkochi Pida

Next is Hipstyle Online Shop by Kat Assuncion, another Manila based seller.


Still on korean cosmetics and skincare but Kat Assuncion also offers kpop stuff like magazines and albums.  I transact with her twice, the first one are on hand items and the second are pre-orders which I think I got at a very very nice price (I got my Laneige Water Sleeping pack at less than a thousand).  My friend also already bought a magazine from her (Vogue with GD on the cover) in a very good condition.  I just love that she add something sweet as a freebie like candies or chocolates and I love the effort of her handwritten note.  She also offer products in bundles and now she's also selling products from UK brands.

For more details about Hipstyle, just visit or add Kat Assuncion

For samples, I go to Bhappywithme.

from bhappywithme ebay page

My friend and I came across bhappywithme when we we're looking for samples for products that are so expensive and I can say that she's one of the hassle free seller that I encountered.  I ordered in her FB page before but now she said that she only deal in ebay.  She also sells full sized product which you can check at  If I'm not mistaken she is based in Pampanga.

Lastly and the latest that I ordered from is a Korea based seller named Sae Sil Parknshop (but she's a filipina by the way).

Sae  Sil Parknshop

What I like from her FB page is that every product has description and price on it. Also, her ETA is always on time and she also have a monthly freebie and exciting prices.  She give special freebie to a reseller or buyer that buys a lot from her.  You can add her at or visit her FB page at

That's it pancit.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Hi Arya!

    We just opened SpicedPH, an online shop carrying beauty products from top Korean brands like Innisfree, Banila Co, 3 Concept Eyes, and more! You can check our Facebook account ( or Instagram (@spicedph) to see all our products and their respective prices. All items are on-hand as well, so your order is shipped 1-2 days after payment. :)

  2. Nice list! :) If you are looking for more online makeup shops that are selling korean cosmetics, you can check out

  3. Hi! I would like to ask if you only paid for VAT when you get your package at the Customs? And how many days before your order at Gmarket arrived at Customs?

    1. sorry I only read this now. I paid customs taxes and community tax. Around a week before it arrived in customs but you have to constantly check gmarket site to know if it's already in customs because our postal office here most of the time don't give notice if you're package already arrived

  4. Hi Arya!

    Love korean beauty products. Thank you for sharing. Glad that there are more korean online stores that I could go to here in the Philippines. :D I also just recently bought one from an online store, it was called Her Aesthetics. I bought The Saem Gold Snail Wrinkle Plumper, and they gave out a free face mask with shinee in it's cover :o Also bought an Espoir lipstick. Loved the products and love shinee. <3 They also have other products such as 3CE, Innisfree and others.

    1. Hello. Welcome and wow you bought a lot. Haven't tried any product from Espoir and 3CE but heard that ther are good especially their lipstick (and their packaging are pretty). Freebies are great right and I will also check Her Aesthetics, the shop may have the best deal for snail cream that I wanted to try.

  5. Hi. With regards to sae sil,how much shipping fee did it cost you?

    1. I think a total of around 250 to 300, it really depends on how large my order

  6. Hi miss arya. I purchase Korean cosmetics from kimjib nd honestly I was amazed on how their products came at the right time. I love kimjib. And shipping pay is less than what I expected to pay. So Im a fan of kimjib.

  7. Hi Ms. Arya,

    Does Ms. Bae Lu still selling products from Gmarket? We planned to buy from Gmarket for our shop's supply but then got scared of huge taxes from customs. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    1. Hello :)
      I think she stopped taking orders now. You can try Sae Sil Parknshop

  8. Hi Ms. Arya,

    Great day! Does Sae Sil Parknshop offer door-to-door delivery or do we need to go to customs to claim our parcel?

    Hoping for your response. :)

  9. Hi, and the answer is yes. Her system is on a pre-order basis then she sends the goodies to someone in PH then that someone is the one who's going to send tge order via local couriers

    1. opps dudn't read the question's to door to door

  10. Hi ms. Arya when you order to sae sil parknshop, did you pay for the custom tax? and if yes, how much the custom tax cost you? thanks :) natatakot po kasi akong umorder ng nagshiship internationally coz im concern about the custom if you know what i mean :D

    1. Hi sorry late reply. Don't worry hindi ikaw yung magbabayad ng customs tax. Kay saesil kasi isesend niya muna lahat ng orders sa siguro kakilala niya dito and then yung kakilala yung magshiship ng order mo

    2. Hi sorry late reply. Don't worry hindi ikaw yung magbabayad ng customs tax. Kay saesil kasi isesend niya muna lahat ng orders sa siguro kakilala niya dito and then yung kakilala yung magshiship ng order mo


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