December 16, 2013

Chill and Whatever!

It's the time of the year again where I get taba, while my wallet gets payat (translation:  I get fat, while my wallet goes thin).  *Sigh* just the other day I spent a day or two of my earnings for a hearty breakfast meal at Wildflour and chillout in Jamba Juice with some friends and I can't believe that I accumulated some trinkets/stuff since December started ticking and I haven't bought any gifts for Christmas!!!!.  Luckily for me, I didn't pick any skincare or cosmetics (can you believe that) and just been purchasing cute stuff and clothes (when Forever21 got a massive sale) and just decided to share it to you :)

for the love of craft

Who gets excited with a big eraser?  Obviously me that I wanted to squeal when I saw tons of it in SM store thanks to my niece who reported the exciting news to me, now I have to bring out my carving tools (hoorah).  I also got a polka-dotted washi tape to brighten up my little gifts this holiday season.

for gift tags

Kids stuff?  Nope these two will be a perfect pair to make a personalized gift tag.  Got these two from Paper Chic Studio.  You might be wondering why the first layer is in reverse, well it got jumbled (the F having the A when you stamp it).  I will think twice before I order again to Paper Chic Studio, not the smoothest and had a bit of a headache in the ordering process (sorry but just telling the truth).  Anyway, I must start the tag making.


I can't help but be happy to have some peppermint this holiday season and what's better than peppermint in christmassy packaging???  Both pleasing to the tummy and the eyes!

creme soda, finally!

Eversince I saw a copy of the Butterbeer's recipe, I keep on searching for Creme Soda and eureka I finally found one.  Well it's in red, I don't know if this is for the holidays only (?) but a red butterbeer wouldn't hurt plus it will look festive too.

Lastly, Kitkat which I bought for P250 through an officemate which she got from the land of Hello Kitty- Japan (just joking).  I wish the different flavors of Kitkat would also be readily available in the groceries here especially the green tea flavor.

Just 9 days before Christmas and I'm pressured than ever.  Must make some cookies to giveaway and do some shopping for gifts.  Maybe I should make more 3D snowflake to amp my holiday spirit :)

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I love anything peppermint especially candy canes! Looks so good xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  2. You bought some really cute and tasty things! In Portugal we only have normal KitKat… I would love to try any of the flavour they came up with in Japan. Kitkat used to be one of my favourite chocolates.
    I’ve been neglecting my readings too… shame on me!
    I really like Prince of Tennis because it’s a little on the wild side. Most of the moves are very much impossible; it’s like a mix between super heroes that play tennis. But the characters are very entertaining and funny. It leaves me in a good mood, just like Slam Dunk, another one of my favourites.
    It was really fun to answer to your questions, especially because I think they were very interesting and everything doesn’t have to be about make-up. More followers for the two of us!

    1. Will definitely get tons of kitkat if i have the chance to go to japan and hada labo too. We kinda watched the same animes :D
      Thanks for letting me know that my questions are actually fun, i really thought it will weird out bloggers

  3. Japanese Kitkat!!! I wonder if they are much different from the US one??? One of these days I will have to visit Japan and find out... lolz that will be onc of my excuses one of these days when I disappear and head for Japan lol.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award Arya! Please visit my blog for more details! :)

    1. Ahahaha but on the serious note, japan have lots of variants and flavors of.kitkat and yes there's a difference of taste of chocolate kitkat to where i am now compared to the ones from us
      Thanks for nominatinh, will post my answers hopefully before the year ends but if not please don't be mad at me (insert puppy eyes)

  4. Ooh I love everything peppermint as well! :D And what flavor of KitKat is that? We already have greentea and strawberry in Landmark, but the difficult part is catching it in stock! :)

    1. yeah it's difficult to catch them. the one that I recently got is something with chocolate and vanilla, it's all in japanese but I remeber the chocolate vanilla part from the seller :D


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