December 26, 2013

December 2013: Let's End the Year with a Bang! as in Big Bang!

Will my friend Pink will probably end it with some BigBang songs but not me, I will be ending mine with The Killers since I finally have the Direct Hits album, Counting Stars by One Republic and maybe with some OPM rock courtesy of my little brother because I'm finally going home to celebrate the New Year!

Another bang to end my year is the shock to many (myself included) that I quit my job without looking for a replacement.  Yup, I'm crazy and I actually wrote a whole paragraph to defend myself but I'll just bore you with it but overall, with my current job (I'm still with the company up to present but my resignation is already in effect) I think I became a grinch not just on holiday season but all throughout the year so I just have to leave before it sucks out all the happiness and "beauty" in me.

Speaking of beauty, I'm kind of ashamed of myself for not posting a lot of reviews and looking into my "mini department store" I have a lot to go through.  I'm eating too much this December and before I knew it, I'm already asleep (are you like this too?) and when I wake up, it's already time to go somewhere and can't blog anymore so expect a lot of posts this coming January 2014 so don't leave me okay and to those  whose still with this blog, THANK YOU VERY MUCH especially to those who always find time to comment and just sharing their thoughts (you know who you are :D) even though I reply in a weird way.  As a"blogger" it makes me happy that there's someone out there reading so it would be really nice to comment,  even a simple hi or hello fuels me.

On a regular note here are my empties, favorite and wishlist plus the band that has been my fave this month.

Kraft Caramels
Obviously, I love Kraft Caramels as evidenced by the empty pack up there ahahahaha I just love that it is chewy and very caramely...yum yum yum diabetes on the way.

first time
Well, almost empty for the The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost and Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream but I'll be bringing these two on my holiday vacay and I'm sure I'm gonna finish them before the year ends.  As for the The Face Shop lip gloss, well I have to throw it since it's already been a year since I first swipe it on my lips.  The color is actually really good but I'm not really a lip gloss person, sorry lip gloss.

Below are products that I emptied (almost).  I left some for review purposes.

skincare empties

Is it a sign of aging to wish for some kitchen tools?  I can't help it, I'm just dreaming of a mixer and a blender (I actually also want a juicer).

kitchen tools source for the mixer / source for the blender
and some samples

I decided to just bring the samples for my vacay that will reduce my sample stash by 95% which is amazing because I just don't know how to empty my sample collection and finally I'm emptying it.

I've actually have been liking Metric before I even knew their band name.  Their concert in Samsung Hall sometime 2nd week (or was it first week?) of December made me search for their songs and surprise I've been hearing them on the radio.  I specifically love "Blindness" in a weird way because it "downs" me yet uplift me at the same time.  Emily's voice is so unique, I just like the sweet raspiness and it's so cool that even in live (based on the youtube videos that I watched because unfortunately I didn't watched the concert) it's still has the same quality.

I love how quirky Youth Without Youth video below.

I wanted to add in this post my new year's resolution/bucket list and whatever but this is just so long I have to end it here.

Let me greet you first a Happy New Year and Cheers to 2014!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!  I really have to end it here.


  1. Most of what I bought in my weekender bag are samples too. Finally I got to use those avon pro line corrector samples.

    1. easy to carry and are free :) what more can we ask for?

  2. i wanna try the caramels! :)

    1. it's sinfully yummy and will give you an instant sugar rush!

  3. I guess when you go on vacation, samples are a good way to go. It's a way to finish them and you travel a bit lighter.
    I wish you a wonderful New Year with lots of joy and everything good!

  4. you mean 2013??? 2014 has just started>_<

    1. my bad. kakacorrect Matthew says "now now there's no need to be irrational" :)


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