January 3, 2014

Happy 2014

It's already late but let me greet you Happy New Year!  Hoped you had a blast and that many blessing will come your way this year.


As of this writing I am wearing a mask and have to avoid people because based on my brother's reaction, I may scare most of the member of the household and probably my mom's customer from her modest shop so I decided to just be in front of the computer and silently thank our neighbor for their wifi (thanks neighbor for the free wifi).  I originally do not intend to post anything or search for tips on job hunting, instead I planned to just sit and do a lot of thinking, you know midlife crisis thingy.  But after some drinking of cola and sparkle, munching some hard granola bars, more laying around and watching my brother sweep the leaves, I have nothing to ponder.

So I just made a rough list to do before 2014 ends and maybe tomorrow I'll just write on the details on how to achieve them.

1.  DIY and Crafts
I'll be making my own planner, recipe book and other kinds of books (I'll recycle my old planners that I haven't use) plus I would also love to design my own sneakers so I'm looking forward to make a studded one and a sneaker with cross pattern *cross finger*.

2.  Brush up thy reading
I just have to have the courage to read all the books that I hoarded the first quarter of last year and I'm planning to schedule them on a monthly basis so hopefully before 2014 ends, I'll hoard tons of books to read again (any suggestion?)

3.  Whisk and simmer
What's the use of the recipe book that I'll be making if nothing is on it?  So I promise myself to at least cook 14 recipes and bake 14 sweet goodies (potential business?)

4.   Be normal
I am not talking about my weirdness here, it's my weight.  I look a bit chubby to the eyes of many so many people are surprised whenever I say that I am obese.  Aside for looking for a great and awesome job, weight loss and being healthy is on my priority list. 11 kilos to lose and I'm hoping to achieve this goal before this blog or my birthday strikes.

5.  Widen my money makers.
Investing in stocks or mutual funds are the only means that I have in mind right now but feel free to share your techniques or ways on how to make lots of money hehehehe- good and legal way, okay?

6.  Discover new places
I didn't have any travels last year wahhhh instead I went to concerts (which is an awesome experience especially The Killers concert last September).  My passport is ready to be stamp and I'm planning to go maybe in El Nido or Batanes or both or more places if I have the means.

7.  Be a Rockstar
It's an impossible dream but I'll at least try right so I'm planning to learn how to play the guitar (or ukelele?).  I tried learning the basic chords last year but I couldn't play any songs and I suddenly gave up (boo to me) but I'll try again this year (wish me luck)

8.  Language? Calligraphy?
It's frustrating that it's hard for me to learn how another language.  I enrolled in a Spanish class in Instituto Cervantes but didn't move to the next level even my teacher said that the whole class is qualified to the next level.  I just don't like learning in a classroom setting I guess so I'll just rely on the books that I have and the application that I have in my Ipod and if both fails then I'll move forward with calligraphy.

9.  Improve content
For this blog, I guess I have to improv it's content and probably add more personal toch to it.  By personal touch I mean adding some post that are related to what I do and like (like my reads, some crafts and playlist) aside from reviews and other kaartehan.  Lately I noticed that I say a lot of rubbish things that probably makes you go nuts...well expect more of that in 2014 but I'll still do my best  to be sane 75% of the time plus I have to improve the state of my photos so promise, I'll buy batteries for my camera.

10.  Be cool
Ehhhhhhhhh, I'm not so I wanted to be cool.  Any idea how?

Cheers to a brilliant 2014!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Love your goals! And I actually agree with many of them, especially the ones about blogging and 'being cool'. XD

    Happy New Year! Have a great one! ^_^


    1. i wish it's easy to be cool :D anyway let's just enjoy life and always be awesome!

  2. cheers to more crafts and being healthy sis! i also like to learn a different language (french).
    love your goals for 2014. we can make it happen ^_^

    happy new year sis!


    1. french is also on my list :) let's all make our goal s happen this 2014. happy new year!

  3. Replies
    1. Bless that I may do all of these before 2014 ends :)

  4. Hope you achieve them all! Happy new year, Arya! :)


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