January 7, 2014

Totally Non-Beauty Haul

It must be the "grandma" attitude that was activated as a person grows old?  I do not have my own house but when I got back to Manila I suddenly bought kitchen tools and other stuff for home.  My sister and I (and even one of my brothers) like going to the furniture/house section of a store and will always be fascinated with bed-frames and kitchen stuff and dream of having them in our imaginary houses (which will materialize soon, we are still hoping).

So aside from black pants and some personal stuff *ahem undies*, we (my sister tag along since she's excited to know what will I buy and she's probably reading this now and we kind of force our niece to come too) bought the items from my December wishlist yipeee!!!!

I didn't intend to buy from 3D but they are both from 3D

I did not research as to what affordable brands are the best but these two look sturdy, hope they last forever though nothing last forever (why do I always contradict my statement???).  Now I can make smoothies and fluffy icing for my cupcakes :D

I know, it's totally unappealing pic

When I looked into the wooden spatula (it's actually a rice spoon), I saw myself making another tomato sauce for pasta so I just have to get it plus the color looks really nice I think it  matches the green kitchen of my sister (not the sister that I always mention here).  The rolling pin is for sugar cookies and soon for pizza another yipee.  Which explains why I bought a cheap cookie cutter, I wanted the fancy ones made from brass or stainless but they are expensive so I went for with plastic (yikes!).

I'm supper happy with these items

I just love the cow having the potato hat (I hope mugs will not be my addiction) that I even got it even if I'm not born in the year of the cow.  The lovely glass that is now a house to my small number of blushes and lip balms is from my mom's collection that I brought with me when I came back to Manila from the province.  I hope she won't find it missing (another yikes!).  I also bought some fresheners, I love to sniff them even if it's not Christmas anymore (I hope they go on sale soon, I'll definitely buy more).

That's it.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. wow! love the glass container and that mug too!


  2. Aaaaa I love them all! :D I love baking and cooking in general, so this post is actually a very fun read for me! And the little cow mug is absolutely adorable! ^_^


    1. Thank goodness you like it :D I also love baking and cooking so I really enjoy going to the home section of a mall...the happiness is unexplainable


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