January 31, 2014

January 2014: Starting?

Some people say that they will start the year right.  What if the first days of the year didn't go as planned?  Don't tell me your going to wait for another year to make things right?  I know I'm exaggerating but instead of postponing, why not make THIS day right?  Better right? or this is just my simple excuse for not starting the year right?


Hello!  January 2014 gone by really fast, I almost missed it.  Just got productive at the middle of the month by finishing some backlogs, joining communities in Google+ although I'm still that active (hello to the members of Filipino Bloggers Worldwide) cleaning, baking, a little job hunting (failed by the way) and slowly sipping a cup of tea which is very enjoyable because of the cool weather.  Does cool weather equates to having an unexplainable nice sunset sky because look what I captured with my phone's camera:

looks like a painting
the clouds and the light from the sinking sun are a great combo

This week I watched the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and I really enjoyed it and don't know why it has a low rating.  It's a..."It's never too late", "Go for it", "Just do it", "Let it go", "Life is an adventure, "You can do it", "Nothing can stop you" kind of movie.  And did I mentioned that the soundtracks are superb?  I just love Space Oddity by David Bowie and below is what was used in the movie.

I've been jumping from one topic to another, so I'll just continue with my usual monthly thing which I've been pondering if I continue to do so.  I have some projects in mind that I hope will materialize in the next quarter like binibining dalaga which talks about different kinds of basic make-up in a beginners perspective meaning my perspective (totally new to make-up) and I'm also thinking of just doing a one time big time haul post since doing it everytime I buy some random things annoys us (it annoys me now and I know it annoys you too or I'm just assuming).  I also want to improve the context of my review by adding the links where I bought it and stuff like that plus the description on my tabs which I should have done from the very beginning (my mind is in a constant mess so my tabs and topics keep on changing).  Anyway, going back  here are my empties for this month which is not much (and I actually thinking if I should just remove this portion).

january empties

I used the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream mostly in my hands now as it helps in making it plump (my hands are wrinkled) then everytime I wash my hands after doing my business in the bathroom (which is like on an hourly basis because I drink lots of water and tea) I just use the Eva Vitamin Hand because it's the cheapest hand lotion that I can find in Watsons that is quick absorbent.  The Moringa Oil helps a lot these days in keeping the dry patches in my skin less itchy and because it's so tiny I already bought another one.  And finally, I managed to empty the Watsons Repairing Treatment Shampoo in Honey after many months, you can find my post about it here.

Time for my wishlist which I'm now very excited about because my wish last December came true this January and I'm really hoping that my wishes materialize every month.


Okay I want a laptop but not specifically the one above (I just find the photo cool).  A simple, fast and easy to use laptop (with high quality sound effect) is all I really need/want and cheap too basta within my budget.  I also want a camera and I'm already okay with Fuji X10 or if my budget permits them maybe the X20 or the X100 will also be great (man, I really need to find a high paying job).


One of my favorites this month has been a surprised to me since I always pick a food as a favorite, this time around a wristlet is included in the league.

xoxo wristlet
celestial sleepytime herbal tea and oishi oaties milk

I love how creamy the Oishi's Oaties Milk and I am also enjoying it's introductory price.  The Celestial Sleepytime Herbal Tea keeps me warm and helps me have a deep sleep at night.  When I mix the two together, they make a really nice almost like chai tea only less sweet.

Going back to the wristlet,  I like that it's big enough to accommodate my phone, a pack of tissue, keys and some money but light enough that it's not annoying to carry it around.  It's convenient to have it when I'm wearing something without any pockets and suddenly my niece would drag me to the mall and I don't want to change, I just grab the wristlet and dumped  my stuff and I'm good to go (with bed head ahahaha).


The first photo from this post is just so cool- the lyrics is from Franz Ferdinand's Right Action and they are my "Band of the Month".

I first heard the band when I was in college with Take Me Out which for me is like a combination of different music generations: from my parents rock and roll, to my brothers' semi-hard rock, to my sister's alternative rock and today's pop.  Well it's just my opinion.

Now they are back with Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action which is their fourth studio album and Bullet is currently on top of Jam 88.3's Weekly Top Ten (I like the Right Action more though).

To know more about the band you can just click this wikipedia link or check their site at www.franzferdinand.com.

Made it this far?  Well, thank you...I appreciate it!

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