February 3, 2014

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum

They say that signs of skin aging starts to show at 30...then why do I see the signs already on my face when I'm only in my 20's (0_o).  I even took the quiz from this website; www.webmd.com, and my skin seems to be already in it's 30's.

Since I rarely show my face in this blog, let me quickly describe my skin:  It's a bit plump and mostly smooth but having a dry skin type there are some dry/flaky spots specifically in my nose area.  I initially have dry skin (but because of continues use of different hydrating and brightening products, my face now looks a bit radiant specially on my upper cheeks area) and my freckles are very noticeable specially when I'm under the sun for too long.  And lastly I have a few faint lines on my forehead, "spidery" lines under my eyes because of lack of sleep, and noticeable laugh line (because I love to laugh really hard :) and I have chubby cheeks).

And I'm most concern with the lines and thought that I already needed to apply an anti-aging product so even if it's over my budget, I still got the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum
Regular price P1499/$25.99
Got it from SM Makati Department Store

I got this stuff at a very good promo (I got the serum plus cream bundle offered by a saleslady) plus I also it at almost 20% off.  I'm still not using the cream so that if there's any changes, I can fully credit it to the serum (since I'm constantly using the same set of products for more or less 2 months now).

It says in the box that this serum is for firmer, smoother looking skin + intense hydration and it's also with hydra-firming complex.  More product info from Olay.com below:

"Concentrated to give you brighter, more radiant skin that’s firmer after just 5 days. The ultra lightweight formula delivers anti-aging ingredients deep into skin’s surface and moisturizes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks. 

Younger looking skin without drastic measures.*
• Skin is instantly hydrated and after just 5 days, skin is firmer looking.
• Skin looks brighter and more radiant. 

* Results not equal to cosmetic procedures."

Let's start with the first point of this serum which is a brighter, more radiant, hydrated and firmer looking skin after 5 days.  Except for the the firmer looking skin, the rest can actually be observed in my very first application all thanks to the consistency and the golden color and the gold dust looking substance of the serum.

I hope you can see it in the below picture but it's like the serum is gleaming in gold and there's also specks of gold-like particles in it that makes the skin instantly brighter and radiant in just one application.  The consistency is a bit on a thick side that it scares me at first but after letting this serum set for like a minute, it becomes a bit powdery yet velvety and still creamy on my skin.

Once washed though (on my first day of application) all the effects are gone and these effects and the firming of skin part just became permanent (with continued use) after like a month so the promising 5 days didn't apply on me.  Still, I admire this serum for it's brightening and radiance effect which other products that I used didn't gave me and I can say that my skin is firmer than before.

can you see the golden dust?

Next is the anti-aging side of this serum.  Let me expound/continue the consistency part that I mentioned above:  it's like 70% of the product applied is absorbed deep into my skin leaving the 30% just sitting on the surface of my outer skin locking the 70% part thus moisturizing and keeping the anti-aging ingredients in my skin (I hope I'm still making sense to you) and this observation of mine actually back-ups the description of Olay.  I noticed that the lines on my forehead and my laugh line are less noticeable but not after 2 weeks...it's after a month which again is based only on my observation (I read some reviews that they see the promised results within the promised time).  The lines on my under-eyes didn't budge though even if I religiously put an ample amount on them (I guess what I need is a powerful eye cream or a surgery already, yikes).

mine is made in Thailand

Time for the packaging and scent which I wouldn't tackle much because this post is getting longer.  For me the packaging with it's glossy vivid red plastic bottle and silver and black cap and nozzle is so mature looking.  When the nozzle is pointing at the middle it means that it's open and when it is pointed at the side it means it's closed.  The scent is more on the flowery side, it's like the scent that I smell from posh wedding invitations.

Oh by the way I only use one pump amount of the serum all over my face and neck.  What I do is distribute the product on my finger tips then lightly press them first on my concern areas (forehead, under-eyes and laugh line) then whatever's left on my fingertips, I smooth it in a circular motion all over my face and neck, kind of like doing a quick face massage.


The time-frame given by Olay didn't apply on me but with continued and religious day and night application, the effects specially the radiance part which is very noticeable on my upper cheeks (it's as if I'm slightly wearing a highlighter) and the moisturizing and anti-aging promises of Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum became evident in my face (not equal to cosmetic or surgery procedures of course, wink!).

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I love olay products for my and my mum's skin. I completed a tub of Olay Regenerist night firming cream. I need to try couple of their serums too :D Nice pictures and review.
    --Your New Follower--

    1. so far I'm loving this serum from Olay and I do have the firming cream which I will use in the future, is it good? thanks :) will follow you too

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m using Olay Natural White Whitening Cream and the Pro-X Cleansing System and both are great! :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. welcome. i got the olay regenerist specialty cleanser and so far so good :D


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