February 24, 2014

All of a Sudden: Cleansers

All of the sudden, I realized that I have 4 kinds of cleanser in the bathroom.  I don't know how that happen but anyway, I'm sharing them to you (this is not a proper review post).

Let's start with a foam cleanser.  I have dry skin so I should be using cream cleansers but I just can't resist the goodness of bubbles.  The SA in Etude House said the Baking Powder range is good for the pores.

After months of pondering, I finally gave in and tried Etude House Baking Cleansing Foam in Moist because I have dry skin.  I love it's perky citrusy scent and how thick the foam it creates leaving my face thoroughly cleanse.

Come the cold months, using foam cleanser twice a day makes my skin a bit drier than normal (in the first place, I should use a cream type of cleanser because of my dry skin...and that is the second time that I said that, ngek) so I opened the Rice Firming Cleansing Milk from It's Skin.  It's a cream type of cleanser that is light and moisturizing.  Not sure about the firming effect of this cleansing milk though.

Cleansing Oil mesmerizes me, I just like the magic of the oil in the skin turning milky when rubbed with water.  Lacvert Pure Deep Cleansing Oil is the cheapest I can find online and so far so good:  it removes most of the make-up that I use like bb cream, foundation and blush.  I have a bit of a trouble with the eye area because it clouds my vision but I'm working on it.

The last cleanser is the deluxe sample of Olay Regenerist Skin Renewal Cleanser which is a type of cleanser with micro beads on it.  I like the idea of a cleanser which also acts as a scrub.  Unfortunately, I don't like this cleanser from Olay because of its plastic smell and how it gives me small bumps and zits.  Maybe I'll just use it on my feet :)

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I love olay products...would love to try...
    great cleansers...nice post :)

    my recent one :http://www.dbreviews.co.uk/2014/02/braun-silk-epil-preepilation-wipes.html

    1. i like some olay products but not loving the cleanser so far


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