February 25, 2014

The Saem Snail Lavender Sleeping Pack

It's cute, it's affordable, and the brand is endorse by no other than GD of Bigbang:  This post is about the Snail Lavender Sleeping Pack from The Saem.

The Saem Snail Trio No. 3 Lavender Sleeping Pack
Regular price 7900 won/ around $8
Got it from Kkochi Pida for P345
Links: Gmarket The Saem/ Kkochi Pida facebook page

I kind of got into the snail bandwagon before but I wouldn't shell out a lot of money just to try it, so I did a little research in finding affordable snail based products and found this sleeping pack which generally promises to make the skin healthy and smooth.

The Saem Snail Lavender Sleeping Pack according to GMarket, the cream will make the face brighter with revitalizing look and gives the skin rich nutrition.  It has 3 main ingredients: snail mucus extract which provides the nutrition, sunflower seed oil for "burnish" skin (I don't know what it means) and niacinamide for bright and clean skin.

I can't understand any text from the pack's very cute box but online it says to apply it thick on the face at the last step of skincare and sleep with it then wash the face the next day.

light lavender or lilac color

Everything sounds lovely and this pack really makes my skin smooth, moisturize and looking healthy the next morning and I can totally replace my emulsion and cream with this but I have a bit of a complain with it's consistency that makes me use this pack once in a while only like twice a week.

I would love a sleeping pack to be on my face on a nightly basis as it gives my skin moisture and nutrition but this pack is just so thick it's like a hair wax in consistency that when I put this on my eyebrows, the hairs on my eyebrows won't budge.  Another issue; which is mainly my own personal taste, is the scent because I'm not a fan of lavender smell.  It's like the pomade that my dad uses, it's smells heavy...it's like a guy smell but because lavender is a flower it became generally accepted that it's a girl's scent (or this is just my rubbish conclusion?).

Sorry but I'm not yet done.  This pack also never fails to give me a zit or a small people.  Yup, everytime I use it I wake up with a nice, smooth, looking fresh and moisturize face plus a zit or a pimple.  But do take into consideration the possibility that I may have a very mild allergy to lavender.

With a cute tub comes a unique spatula

Those who don't want to dip their fingers on the tub, a cute spatula is included in the box which you can actually insert on the neck of the snail so you won't have to lose it.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Such a cute pack!!
    Nice review :)
    View my new post : http://yourclosetdiva.blogspot.in/2014/02/february-fab-bag-review-by-naomi-ganzu.html
    Lets stay connected via GFC, I always add back :)

  2. Such a cute packaging but it's not enough to make t work, right? Sad to hear that. I've never used a sleeping pack with fear they are to think and my oily skin won't like it, but maybe not all of them are like that,
    A shame it doesn't work, tough you are right that the pimples might be an allergic reaction to lavender. My skin doesn't like lavender much, some products with aloe vera and tea tree...


    1. sans the zit or pimple, it's actually a good sleeping pack specially those who have dry skin. maybe just try a sample, the sleeping pack from tony moly is the lightest that I tried...got a sample when I ordered products online

  3. really a beautiful packaging..Great review..
    seems to be a good product

    my recent one :http://www.wellnessandvanity.com/2014/02/25/mac-fix-review-pictures-fotd/

  4. Adorable packaging! And great idea for a mini spatula, that's so smart of them and very hygienic. I think that would be perfect for my skin coz my skin can get dry sometimes. I would love to try it! Thanks for the helpful review. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo



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