March 4, 2014

February 2014: I suck at Social Media

My IG suckiness:  A short conversation
by Arya of The Certified Latebloomer

Me:  Thanks, sarap the chocolates
Friend Seller:  Thanks din.  Sa uulitin.  Please post some pics on IG and tag me
Me: o_O IG????

I suck at social media that months ago I didn't even know what IG means.  Mind you I have twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and other sorts but I just don't know how to manage them all (I also don't know how to fully utilize their functions).  I admire those who can make their social whatevers alive and very interesting.

Month end once again and the start of March feels so gloomy that I always end up sleeping and listening to music instead of blogging or doing some productive activities but I noticed that even if the sun shine so vastly, the weather is not so hot considering March is the start of Philippine summer.  I hope this kind of weather stays throughout summer and I hope friends in other countries enjoy their spring time.

And here goes my usual things except for wishlist part because I'm not wishing for any material things right...oh wait I want ube (yam) jam right now!


Done with the Secret Key Argan Angel Moisture Steam Cream which is just simply moisturizing and the smell makes me hungry and don't forget about the lovely tin packaging.  You can check my post about it here.

I'm scraping every bit of the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum that I already remove the pump and inserting my pinkie in the bottle just to get the left-over serum.  I love how it instantly gives radiance because of its gold-like particles and how it leaves a velvety finish to my skin.  Read my thoughts about it here.

It's my first time to use a Laneige product and I'm impress with the Water Bank Essence as it's light yet very moisturizing.  Also the 15ml took me 3 weeks to finish it so I think that's value for money.  I still have 3 samples in my stash aka mini department store so I'm good for 1 quarter of the year.

Pantene Intensive Cream Nature Care and St.  Ives Smoothing Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash are just simple thing that you can find in the grocery that works.  Will share my thoughts on them in my next post.

favorite:  Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

I'm so happy the KB sent me the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream because it totally helped (and still helping by the way) in the faster recovery of the wounds, scratches and scars on my legs.  It's moisturizing and I noticed that I seldom scratch my legs now.  I also use this on my face whenever I feel lazy to go over my long skincare regimen.


It started with Ho Hey, then there's Stubborn Love and before I knew it I'm playing their Studio Album (via youtube) all throughout the day while having my afternoon tea, browsing the net and even when I'm reading.  I don't like any distraction when I'm reading a book but the sound of The Lumineers is just so calming even if most of their lyrics are not so happy.

My top favorites from The Lumineers are Dead Sea, Stubborn Love, Flowers in Your Hair and of course, Ho Hey.

Have fun under the sun.  Enjoy Spring/Summer!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Nice products, the egyptian magic cream sounds really good, need to try!!

  2. And again! Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream! So want to try one too! A couple of Portuguese bloggers have been wanting to try because they´ve read the cream works wonders on your skin. I guess I really must try to get my hands on the magic cream...

    Thanks for the suggestions to decorate the containers. I'm looking for stencils to see if i can actually paint them. The old style bicycle prints are a really good idea.

    Take care!

    1. and it's a good thing I got it for free yehey! but seriously it's really a good cream. post a picture of the final product of your project :D

  3. Yeah I feel the same way about social media. I have them but I don't use them as much. :D I guess that's just how introverts are, we get invigorated from doing "alone" stuff like lounging around the house, reading, etc. :D

    Dawn |

    1. ay yes, we like to do things on our own way and having a cup of tea or reading a book just makes us happy


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