February 13, 2014

Secret Key Argan Angel Moisture Steam Cream

I believe steam cream was created and is suitable for those who have winter season but because the weather here in the Philippines became unbelievably cold last January, I decided to put into use these Argan Angel Moisture Steam Creams from Secret Key that I got last year from Gmarket.

Secret Key Argan Angel Moisture Steam Cream (number 3 and 4)
Regular price for two tin cans 8900 won/ around $9
Got it from GMarket
Link:  GMarket Secret Key

Actually, I just opened one and is saving the other for the rainy days.  It's lovely that Secret Key put together argan oil and steam cream in one.  Argan oil is known to be the liquid gold from Morocco because of it's many wonders like moisturizing, softening and protecting the skin and hair from sun damage without the oily feel.  Steam Cream on the other hand is... I'm actually having a hard time looking as to what steam cream is but it became so popular because it's very moisturizing and you can go to /www.steamcream.eu to know more (I think SteamCream started this kind of cream?).

The tin can attracted me to buy these creams because they just look classic and just wanted to know what is the craze behind steam creams.  Anyway, Secret Key Argan Angel Moisture Steam Cream is a highly moisturizing cream which contains argan oil to make the skin moist and healthy.  The cream is so dense and thick that the cream won't fall to the ground even if flip upside down like the ice creams of Dairy Queen (hehehe).  Nevertheless, it's still not sticky when applied to the skin, it's just like lotion but more moisturizing and just leaves my skin soft and velvety until; of course, I take a shower.  I like that it has a lychee smell to it, it just lightens up my mood because it reminds me of the lychee jelly with nata that I love to snack on.

there's a transparent lid inside the tin can but I threw it

I used this immediately after a bath to make sure that my skin absorbs it really well (I rubbed the cream on my hands first before applying it to my skin).  I never used this on my face though.  I'm a bit intimidated with the thickness and I had a minor breakout the last time that I used a product with argan oil, so I have to spare my face which is more sensitive on cold weather (plus I'm having having skin asthma too).

I think it's a good product specially when the weather is just so cold.  Even if the soft and velvety effect is gone once I take my shower, constant application will surely moisturize my skin without the sticky feeling
(take note that I have dry skin).  The packaging and the smell are the plus(es)!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Never heard of steam cream! but i always need moisturizing for my body so this sounds great :)

    1. i hope you can get your hands on this steam cream, the price is reasonable and works like a body butter sans the greasiness

  2. Sayang, I should've read this before I purchase 3 tins of nivea creme. I want to use this just to try. I've seen several of these at the beauty bar, but there was no argan variant.

    1. now that you mentioned nivea, medyo magkapareho sila ng consistency pero mas light sa skin to maybe because of the argan oil

    2. i looooove these nivea creams, i have a lot of their smallest tin cans scattered in my pouches and bags hehe. arya this cream will always be "the dairy queen cream" na to me :D how much is it in beauty bar?

    3. hehehehe, ang dense kasi. mine is from
      secret key which I got from gmarket. haven't been to beauty bar for a very long time, wala kasing malapit sa kin

  3. It really looks amazing and the packaging is very beautiful.
    This one would be good to try on my legs and arms, where my skin is very dry, like the Sahara desert...


    1. hehehe, mine is also like the Sahara desert, this cream might help you :)


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