February 11, 2014

February 2014 Playlist: Let's Fall In Love?

I've been pondering to write a short tragic love story this February for my playlist but after picking up my pen and trying to materialize in a piece of paper the thoughts and ideas and story sequence that has already formed in my head way before, my brain pop like a jack in a box - I'm not a writer, not talented enough to write a piece of simple story (everyone is talented, right?).

So I'll just be sharing in a simple way some of the songs that is on my walkman (old school, that's what my phone call it's player) most are love (in many forms) songs in mellow beats.

Random thoughts:  February is the month of love and love comes in many forms.  There's love for self, love for your partner, there's love for family and friends, puppy love, there's also the nasty, angry and scary love.  The latter is pretty bad and hope you are not experiencing it but I hope on February 14; whether single or in a relationship, you should celebrate a positive kind of love.  Happy Hearts Day!

*Click on the title, it will lead you to either youtube or soundcloud link:

Team, Lorde

I've been listening to this non-stop since Saturday.  It's totally not a love song, it's like a bestfriends' song.

A Quiet Walk Outside, Library Kids
A song that makes my tea time more pleasurable.  A lullaby, an unexplainable hymn that soothes my mind.

Arms, Cristina Perri
An unexpected yet lovely love

Flowers in the Window, Travis
A wedding and a promise of forever song, flowers representing their kids?  I believe so!

Flightless Bird, Iron & Wine
I know you this and have to agree with Kristen Stewart that the original version is better.  I like the "kundiman" effect of the guitar.

Wings, Birdy
Of missing someone and yet, can't do something to be with him/her.

For Reasons Unknown, The Killers
A break-up song, of suddenly losing the love feeling but I will quote what Mr. Brightside said in Royal Albert Hall:

"Any of you people ever loved somebody? Sometimes it comes very quickly, very easily. As easy as the way a beautiful English girl’s hair falls across her shoulder, and sometimes it disappears just as quick. You wake up one morning, the butterflies stop fluttering, but you want it back and you want to fight for it. You wanna breathe that fire again so you call for it, you call out."

Your Song, Paroka ni Edgar
Of having crush and being torpe.

Balisong, Rivermaya
Both happy and sad song.  If you're in the Philippines, you might know who the girl is (I hope I know what I'm talking about).

Come to Me, Goo Goo Dolls
And to wrap it all, a warming happy love song with a happy ending!


  1. rivermaya! :D im not a huge huge fan of them but i had a group of friends who likes their songs and can actually play & sing them really well. nostalgia :3 happy valentines day sis!

    1. love some of their song, yung medyo luma at ang pinakanamemorize ko is balisong. happy valentine's din :D


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