March 14, 2014

KB DermAfirm Vitamin C Peeling Gel

There's a misconception about peeling gels or peeling creams that even I hesitated to try them.  Because of the word "peeling", I thought that in due time the gel or cream will literally peel my skin.  But because of curiosity, I finally tried one last 2012 and learned that these products are gommage.

Gommage; usually in a form of gel or cream, is another effective way to exfoliate the skin other than using scrubs.  You put the product on the skin and let it set for a few seconds or until it slightly dries then rub the product around and the gommage will roll up into flakes or tiny soft balls, picking up the dirt and dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin.

I became fond of peeling gels/creams, in fact I already tried 4 for the past one and a half year.  The latest is from KB and it's the KB DERMAFIRM Vitamin C Peeling Gel.

KB DermAfirm Vitamin C Peeling Gel
Skin Whitening
Regular price P1500/ around $35
Website/Links: Skin Whitening facebook page
made in Korea

According to the packaging (I edited some parts, I'm not that good in english but when I see some errors I try to correct it) KB DERMAFIRM Vitamin C Peeling Gel is a gentle, medicated gel with proven keratin fighting ingredients and a unique combination of skin peeling gel and healers help soothe and protect tender skin.  Contains a Vitamin C derivative, citric seed extract, morus alba extract, persimmon leaf extract complex to provide softness to the skin.  Also contains Betain and natural cellulose complex help your skin adjust your skin through massage.

Okay I didn't understand the last sentence so I just grabbed this additional information from KB Facebook page:


Twice a day?  And I thought 3 times a week exfoliation is already too much for the skin.  I have sensitive skin but since this peeling gel is so mild, I decided to just use the product once a day on my legs (because of my scars), elbows, knees and armpits then once a week only for my face since I'm having skin asthma (I don't want to risk).

I use just half pump of the peeling gel on on my face, on my elbows and on my armpits and 2 pumps for each of my legs.  I spread it on my dry skin then after around 10 seconds I start to massage the gel in a circular motion and voila! flakes of dead skin cells is lifted from my skin.  I usually shower after to wash away the dirty gommage/peeling gel.

the simple process of removing dead skin cells

Instantly, KB DERMAFIRM Vitamin C Peeling Gel makes my skin smooth and it does remove dead skin cells, I mean there are times that I forget to use it and on the very next day that apply it on my skin I noticed that the gommage is much darker.  After around a week or two of using it, I started to feel that my elbows and legs are much softer and less dry (take note that I also use the Egyptian Magic Cream).
I will try to increase the usage of this peeling gel on my face since the skin asthma is starting to go away and will update this post if it can really remove under eye circles, wrinkles and dark spots/melasma.

For the whitening part, I don't think a month is enough to totally eradicate scars or will make the skin much whiter but it is slowly; but surely, lightening the scars on my legs.

Below is the photo of my left leg (which will make you understand further why I used KB DERMAFIRM Vitamin C Peeling Gel on my legs on a daily basis rather than on my face).  The before photo was taken a month ago (the weather is gloomy back then that's why the photo is a bit dark but I didn't edit it) and the lightening of my scars is evident in the after photo.

the before and after

If you wanted a mild daily exfoliator that will lighten scars, that has the same technology used in diamond peeling and whiten, smoothen and soften the skin, then you might want to try KB DERMAFIRM Vitamin C Peeling Gel.

*The Egyptian Magic Cream was sent to me by KB for review.  My views stated here was based on the results after a month of using the product.  Even if I got the product for free, I still review like before.  The only difference is that I always mention the name of the product and link it to the sender's website :) a simple gesture of my thanks

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. wow it really effective! I'd get that for my legs too because i have scars due to clumsiness. Thanks for sharing!

    1. quite effective and a 100ml bottle goes a long way even if used on a daily basis (mine is still half full)

  2. wow it really lightened the scars on the pic, so timely bec my wound on my leg is still healing and im told that when it heals i can start applying scar lightening creams to it :)

    1. I hope you are totally fine now Shayne. it really did lighten my scars and I hope it will help you too

  3. Really good results!! ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. I think that a month is never enough time, when it comes to whitenning products. I think they do work, but it takes some time of very regular or daily use. I do hope you skin gets better, you must have extremely sensive skin.
    When Primark first opened a store close to where I live, it was packed with such cool and different items and a lot of them where actually good quality for very reasonable prices. Now, regarding the clothing items... not really good, the prices have gone up a bit and I haven't seen anything I would like.

    And I guess we do have to eat to survive, but I do enjoy eating!

    1. I also enjoy eating...too bad the primark near you got suck. yeah my skin is quite sensitive just a scratch and there would be a possilbility that it will turn into a wound, yikes!

  5. Wow! I thought peeling gels were scary, kasi sabi nga peeling. But they work like Cure lang pala. :)

    1. yeah parang cure lang siya, though I haven't tried cure yet


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