April 23, 2014

April 2014 Playlist: On YouTube

At random, here's my playlist this April 2014 which I compiled on YouTube :P  I'll be skipping the monthly artist now and I guess forever unless I start being obsessed again.

1   Sick Muse  Metric
2   7 Black Roses  Chicosci
3   Tonight You're Perfect  New Politics
4   Paradise  Coldplay
5   Flux  Bloc Party
6   Wake Up  The Arcade Fire
7   The End  Pearl Jam
8   Need Your Love  The Temper Trap
9   Bitter Sweet Symphony  The Verve
10   Mr  The Killers (happy 10th birthday!!!)
11   Last Nite  The Strokes
12   Maps  Yeah Yeah Yeahs
13   Wonderwall  Oasis
14   All of Me  John Legend & Lindsey Stirling
15   Spectrum  Florence + The Machine


  1. All of Me is on constant repeat in my playlist this month :) beautiful song and lindsey is absolutely very talented! love her version of "we found love"

    1. my brother is the one who keeps playing All of Me and it jsut got into my mind..iot's a lovely song :)


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