May 1, 2014

All By Watsons. REALLY

It's been awhile.  My mind and body went on vacation and is always in lalaland that I don't have any meaningful words to utter to anyone be it on a person to person basis or in the electronic messaging world and I just realized I'm talking rubbish.

Oh a quick disclaimer, I bought these items with my own moolah and I'm not affilated with Watsons but if Watsons would give me the chance hehehe....(it would be cloud 9, email me *wink wink*).

Watsons Conditioner in Lily & Jasmine Scented - P249 for two gigantic 750ml (around $5.50)
Seriously $5.50 for two?  No brainer I guess so I got them but these giants are more for those with normal; as in, unproblematic hair.  My hair is dry so I find the "moisturizing" part not moisturizing enough plus I also find this conditioner heavy that by midday it's as if my hair accumulated a few number of dust.  BUT I still like it in the sense that it is quite okay as a leg shaving cream and a base to my DIY hair mask.

Naturals by Watson Argan Oil Body Lotion - P299 (around $6.60)
Argan Oil plus a classy packaging plus all the good oils (Avocado and Wheat Germ Oil) on it made me put a bubble on my head saying "Oh Yeah, In Your Face".  This is actually a good lotion for all skin type.  It would be sticky at first specially when you apply this on a damp skin but once absorbed it's as if you didn't put any lotion yet there's moisturization happening.  For those with dry skin, reapplication is needed like every after 3 or 4 hours and for those with very sensitive nose the scent might be an issue because it's un-understandable, sometimes it's okay to me but sometimes I would just suddenly sneeze when I sniff it from the bottle.  490ml for $6.60 with no parabens, no minerals and no silicones?  Why not!

Watsons Charcoal Nose Pore Strips - P109 (around $2.40)
Burning!  This one smells like a burning tire and I hate it but it's cheap (and easily available) and does the job, well half done most of the time.  These strips are quite demanding in the sense that I have to be in a cool dry place or in front of a fan or whatever that will assure that no sweat or any kind of liquid will form in my nose, if not then everything will be a mess: sticky black substance on my nose, unpleasant smell and no white/blackheads on the strip.

With these words, I guess Watsons will never contact me.  End of the story.  Bye!


  1. I love watson's products. I have their nose pores and I really love it.

  2. didn't know watsons now carry all-natural products. would definitely check that argan oil lotion out. thanks sis!

    1. I'm not sure if it's really natural but Naturals is the name of the "line?", anyway the products that I tried from Naturals are good so far

  3. What I love getting from them are the shower gels. The green tea one smells so fresh and clean. Perfect for summer

    1. must buy then after I'm done with all the shower gels that I have :) thanks Rae


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