May 20, 2014

ElishaCoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

Whenever summer comes to my mind I think nautical: blue stripes, boat, ship, anchor and also pirates, which has nothing to do with the product that I'll be sharing with you today (random thoughts strikes again!) but it's place (literally) has something to do with summer.  I love putting my masks in the refrigerator for a more refreshing and cooling experience, apparently I have this ElishaCoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch in the fridge since last year, mama mia CRAZY me!

ElishaCoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch
Containing 70% all natural snail slime
Containing purified snail slime, the gel gives your skin a cool feeling, rich with moisture and nourishment for your skin, while tightening your skin to give the long lasting moisture you desire.

How to use:
Remove clear film from the patches and fasten adhesive sides to areas beneath the eyes.  Remove patches 15-20 minutes.

Tried different kinds of masks but this is the first time that I tried a gel type which is actually cooling (very summer appropriate) and convenient because it somewhat sticks to the skin so even if I bob my head up and down or left and right,  the gel patch is still under my eyes clinging to my eyebags.

Lucky that the ElishaCoy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch doesn't smell like any snail, it actually doesn't have any scent but getting the gel out of its case is kinda hard because of the slipperiness.  The essence is just enough or maybe because it just got stuck in our fridge for a very long time that the gel patch; which by the way is thick and is like a semi-harden jelly, just absorbs almost all the liquid.  10 minutes after application, the patch seems to run out of essence but appears to be still wet and cool so I just let it stay for another 10 minutes by this time I felt a bit of itchiness in my eyes.  After removing the patch, my under-eyes is moisturize sans the stickiness and look less tired.  I don't know about the tightening part but the coolness (very much appreciated this summer) of the patch makes up for it.

Not a necessary item but a gel patch's presence is much appreciated by a dry, tired or puffy under-eyes.

Till then, Arya
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  1. interesting. I haven't seen before the gel patches, just simple ones. and one question what is the the real formula of snail gel? I don't know about it but read some articles that said the gel snail formula os not a proper material for human skins. let me know if there is any scientific info about it.

    1. in the packaging, it says that it's made of snail slime..i have to research more about it

  2. Mine was in gel type. I got it 2 months ago and ordered it by email at I was convinced to use it when I saw the effect on my friend’s face. After two weeks of using it, my skin looks fresh and really rejuvenates. The pimple scars also diminished. I have a super sensitive skin that is why I highly recommend Valencia Vita Snail Mucus Gel which I believed was the genuine one because it makes wonders on my skin. I really loved the product; I just put a little gel before I go to sleep and every morning before I put sunblock and face powder on my face. It makes wonders on my face because I do not need to use lots of stuff to make my skin looks younger. By the way I bought the product in the Philippines and I don’t know if it was available in other country. It cost 2,500 pesos when you buy one bottle but if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get it for only P3,600 for 2 bottles.

  3. Hi Arya, I see that you are fan of ElishaCoy products and I'd like to tell you a great news. They are now available in the Philippines. You can purchase them at Hope you stop by to our online shop :)


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