May 17, 2014

May 2014 Playlist: Usual + Cover and Mixes

Spotify is now my brother's bff and he shares his addiction with me (speaker all over the place, hooray).  There are times though that I'm not enjoying his music of choice because the lyrics is just full of bad words and sex that I couldn't understand what's the essence of the song but when it comes to acoustics and covers and some of the rock songs, most of the time we are on the same boat.  Claire Marshall of HeyClaire uses mixes that surprisingly suit my taste so this May 2014 Playlist includes acoustics, covers, and mixes aside from my usual sound.  Enjoy!

Glow Hibou
Pompeii Bastille (Magony Session)
Cosmic Love Florence + The Machine (Live on KEXP)
Shot At The Night The Killers (Cazette Remix)
In My Veins Andrew Belle
Use The Same Old Song Mighty Mike
The Monster Eminem ft. Rihanna (Two Worlds Acoustic Cover)
Somewhere Only We Know Keane (Lily Allen Cover)
When The Sun Don't Shine Best Coast (Voyager Remix)
Trying To Be Cool Phoenix (Chainsmokers Remix)

Till then, Arya


  1. I really feel annoyed when the acoustics and melody of the songs are very good and I fall in love with them, but then the lyrics are horrible and don’t speak to me at all, but it happens to me often enough. It’s a cool list you got there!
    Would it be ok if I ask you the reason why you said that you can’t do the tag post?
    Take care!

    1. sorry, the link to the playlist disappeared and thanks. yeah there are times that the melody is all perfect and suddenly the lyrics are "what"?
      I can't do the tag because, after reading the questions and your answers I am sure that I can only answer 25% of the questions and will definitely leave the make-up, nails, fashion blank or "I don't know" heheheh I just really don't know what to answer

  2. my boyfriend is also addicted to spotify :D everytime he sees me play itunes on my laptop or phone he compares it to spotify haha. its better daw and they have nice playlists, which is true naman :)

    1. sorry, the link to the playlist disappeared and there are really nice playlists in spotify, but I still prefer radio hehehe old school :D


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