May 15, 2014

Cafe-UK Co.

I may not have photos of the place (because it's awkward when my niece's classmates are around) but I still manage to play 2048 in the iPad attached in the coffee bar area which by the way is COOL,  Cafe-UK Co. is another cafe that I visited while being lost (well, just me since my niece know the place and I'm just a nagging auntie who keeps on saying "are we there yet") in the surroundings of UST (University of Sto. Tomas).

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"Undeniably, coffee partakes a huge sum in one’s everyday routine. Be it on breakfast tables, to-go meals, business and casual meetings, afternoon snacks or even cram sessions; WE MUST HAVE OUR CAFFEINE!
Here at Café-UK, hooking you up with your daily dose of freshly vacuum-brewed “energy in a cup” isn’t just our priority but we strive to be your # 1 go-to place for your caffeine fix.
Our three storey café is decked with a multitude of bar stools, cushioned chairs, couches, electric outlets, and (drum rolls please…) 60 x 100 cm drafting tables for those who need to do their plates while enjoying their own cup of joe. Plus we also have a naturally ventilated smoking lounge.
Did we mention we embedded iPad units in our café tables too? Still not good enough for you? How ’bout we top that off with free 10 mbps Wi-Fi. Time to say goodbye to the hassles of buffering!
Hot, iced, blended, decaffeinated, or with an extra shot of espresso; whichever way you want your coffee, we definitely have something for your tastebuds. And if you’re not so much of a coffee person, we also have tea-based drinks. Choose from our wide array of cakes and pastries as well. All our products are patterned to your own liking, so just tell us how you want it and we got you covered.
So if you need a place to study or just chill, hit us up at the corner of J. Berlin and P. Noval street. Drop by anytime you want, we’re open 24/7."
Reese's Cheesecake P140

The dim light is enough for the students to read their books and enough for my eyes to chill out, not a fan of their music though but those are not the reason why I stop by the place.  I came to have a sip of frap and eat cakes.

I decided to get a Reese's Cheesecake (because I just love cheesecake) and I thought of something light and it seems like the lightest cake on the menu is Grandma's Carrot Cake. Although not overly loaded with Reese's, I still appreciate that the cheesecake taste like cheesecake and by that I mean I can taste cheese unlike others that are full with cream and sugar.  It's also pack and surprisingly filling and the sweetness and saltiness is balance enough for me :)

The Grandma's Carrot Cake on the other hand is too sweet and unfortunately, lacks a bit of a character.  If I'm blindfolded I wouldn't have guess that it's a carrot cake. 

Grandma's Carrot Cake P140
Of course, we needed some drinks and my niece and I are addicted with almost anything with peppermint, so we got Peppermint Coffee.

Peppermint Coffee P130 for tall
Through the years, my preference of coffee changed. I now like brewed, sometimes with creamer or milk or just plain good ole' brewed coffee (signs of aging?).  I'm a fan of frappuccino before but lately I noticed that the fraps in coffee shops are more like sugar, sweet flavorings, whipped cream and less coffee so I was shocked when my niece said that the drink we ordered is too "bitter" and only find it okay when she thoroughly mixes the drink with the whipped cream on top.  I on the other hand wanted more coffee from this Peppermint Coffee, I guess I should have asked the barista for another shot or I should have opted for their Vacuum Coffee which is their specialty in the first place (again; like when I visited Cafe Bene, I didn't do any research and if you happen to want to know the menu then go here (munchpunch).

Any coffee shop you fancy lately?

Till then, Arya


  1. It's been years since I stayed in the P. Noval area while reviewing. Where was this while we were studying for the Board Exam?! Alas, it came too late!

    1. yeah a bit too late but I feel cool going there sipping coffee and playing while pretending to be a college student :P

  2. Reese's Cheesecake O.O OMGASKJAKDHJAKDS ive never tasted a reese cake ever. going to look for one nga :) btw i saw cafe bene opened here in SM BF and instantly reminded me of your post :)

    1. it's OMGGGGGG, I'm actually looking for recipes to make my own and I can't decide what to choose....ohhhh try cafe bene honey breads :D

    2. ay pls post the recipe when you make one :) :)

    3. after caramel and yema cake, I'll work on making reese's cheesecake :) sana successfull

  3. The environment seems to be so nice! And the cakes look good, really good. I've never tried peppermint coffee. Actually I only drink plain Portuguese coffee, I've never tried any with flavours, but I would like to, it must be interesting. I think I'm going to the kitchen now...

    1. yeah the place is relaxing. coffee with flavors are fun but I always go back to plain coffee :)


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