May 12, 2014

KB Collagen

Everytime I post about a skincare product that is collagen based, there will be comments like "Collagen is effective if taken orally". Well thanks to KB, I now take collagen tablets.

Why collagen and why I'm a bit addicted to it? Well, collagen is naturally present in our body and is vital in strengthening blood vessels and for our skin's elasticity and strength.  As we grow older, the amount of collagen in our body decreases and that's when wrinkles and other skin issues appears (by the way I'm no expert and just read these stuff from the net).  There are many ways to bring back collagen into our system like injectables or by taking supplement like KB Collagen.

"Experience total revitalization with KB Collagen as it brings you the most complete system renewal packed in tablet form.  It contains Fish Collagen to replenish stored collagen the body begins to lose at the age of 20.  Collagen is important in maintaining skin health as well as the structural integrity of joint cartilage.  The Cartilage extract blended into the KB Collagen helps relieve swollen joints and heal the body naturally.  The Silk Peptide Pearl Powder and Pearl Coix Extract work to complement the Fish Collagen in reviatalising the skin and gives it a natural fair and pinkish glow.  CoQ10 is included in the blend to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.  Vitamin E is added to provide anti-ageing qualities.  Swallow Nest Extract and Vitamin C complete the formulation to help strengthen immune system."

Ingredients:  Fish Collagen Peptide (200mg), Vitamin C (40mg), Cartilage Extract (20mg), Silk Peptide (10mg), Vitamin E (8mg), CoQ10 (4mg), Bird Nest Extract (2mg), Pearl Powder (.6mg), Excipients: Dextrin, Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Calcium, HPC

I'm glad that Vitamin C is already included in the formulation because I read that it is needed in the collagen absorption (note, I forgot the exact term).  It is suggested to take 1-3 tablets a day before breakfast ro before sleeping.  Since it says in the box that I have to consult a doctor if I have any special allergy, I just took a tablet for three consecutive days (stubborn me) and I wouldn't lie, I feel a little bit itchy.  So I changed my intake to a tablet every other day until the itchiness went away (around a week) then I went back to taking 1 tablet per day and so far so good.  After around 3 weeks, I noticed that my pale skin has a bit of pinkish glow and overall my skin smoothen especially my arm area (and I hope my underarms too, soon).  My premature wrinkles and laugh lines are still in place but at least I don't see new ones.

and this is how the tablet looks like
For questions or if you wanted to know more about KB Collagen and other KB products, you may contact this number: 09178005836 or visit these websites: or

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If you wanted to have a pinkish glow and supplement the amount of collagen in your body, KB Collagen can help you.

*The KB Collagen was sent to me by KB for review.  My views stated here was based on the results after taking the tablets.  Even if I got the product for free, I still review like before.  The only difference is that I always mention the name of the product and link it to the sender's website :) a simple gesture of my thanks

Till then, Arya


  1. will look for this sis! i think i need this na :) have you tried their gluta? heard lots of good reviews about it

    1. Yup i heard great things about their gluta and it is kb's best seller, pero takot pa rin ako sa gluta baka di ako hiyang

  2. last year I found the collagen supplement and it was an awesome therapy for my skin. In addition I have heard that Vitamin C helps to produce more collagen in your skin tissue.

    Happy Monday

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