May 11, 2014

KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub

When I watch Naruto (manga/anime series) before I always want to also go to a hot spring complete with a towel in the head and just relax.  I did once finally in Coron in an open area one with the nature (sans the towel since I was not prepared) and it was oh so good, it's just so relaxing and it made my skin soft and smooth instantly.  Wouldn't it be nice to experience it every now and then?

After a stressful and sore (because I practice yoga again) week, I finally used the KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub (the blue one) which was given to me by KB/Yumeimise.  Okay to be honest I thought that this is just like the scrubs that you apply directly on the skin but this is more like the salt scrub or the bath bombs that you dissolve on a hot water but this only this one from KB says to have the following effects:

"KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub is good for removing dead skin. It also removes unattractive body odors. This multi-purpose scrub may help relieve the following conditions: Heat rash, eczema, pimples, chapped skin, frost bite, dry skin, bruise, sprain, shoulder stiffness, nerve pain, rheumatism, lumbago, sensitivity to cold, hemorrhoid, coldness before/ after giving birth."

To use, just mix the the scrub to 200ml hot water (hot but tolerable) and sink into your bath tub, in my case I have to slowly pour it into my body because...well I do not have a tub.  For a more relaxing feel,  I put a face mask and a hair mask on and a towel on top of my head and let the faucet slowly drip some droplets of water.  After 5 minutes, I started to gently rub my skin and there goes some dead skin cells.  Instant effect includes skin smoothening and relieving of stiff and sore shoulders.

KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub has 4 variants:  Green, Blue, Orange and Fuschia Pink which actually represents the color of the scrubs.  The blue one has an herby-florally scent which didn't appeal to me at first but became a relaxing smell in the end.  A 30g sachets cost 69 pesos and if you have questions or wanted to know more about this scrub and other KB products, you may contact this number: 09178005836 or visit these websites: or

Here are the Other products of KB:
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If you wanted a DIY or at home hot spring like experience, KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub is a good and an affordable option.

*The KB Rotenyu Meguri Japanese Body Scrub was sent to me by KB for review.  My views stated here was based on the results after using the product.  Even if I got the product for free, I still review like before.  The only difference is that I always mention the name of the product and link it to the sender's website :) a simple gesture of my thanks

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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