May 21, 2014

Etude House Baking Powder

You may deduct from the photo above that a.  it is well love, b.  overly use and c.  has been with the owner for a very long time.  I've been using this Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam Moist for around 6 months (turning 7 this end of May) and finally it's time for me to say something about it (and nope Etude House is not selling baking powder but it would be cute if they are selling one...I imagine it in a cute container and I will tell people "I bought my baking powder in Etude House and look at it's cute packaging!", okay stop the nonsense and on with the details!).

Description:  Formulated with Baking Powder to penetrate and cleanse deep within pores to remove makeup and residues.  Maintains rich, smooth lather for moist sensation.

How to use:  Wet face and dispense small amount onto hands.  Lather and apply foam to face, gently massaging entire area.  Wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

I mainly got attracted with the "cleanse deep within pores" because my pores on the cheeks area look big although I have dry skin meaning my pores attracted lots of dirt and oil.  The rich, smooth lather is a bonus:  it's so foamy and dense it reminds me of a shaving cream (so if you suddenly ran out of shaving cream, you can just use this as a quick substitute).

This foam cleanser is refreshing not only because of its lemony scent but also because it feels like it removes all the gunk in my face every after use especially this summer where all my skin do the whole day is sweat.  On cold weather days though, I feel that everyday usage of this cleanser just strips all the oils of my skin leaving it dry, tight and sensitive so I only use this every other day for the first two months of the year.

If you're a foam lover (like me), use this with a cleansing brush or a konjac sponge to create an abundant amount of foam:  just a pea size of this cleanser is enough to cover not just your face but your neck as well (and sometimes my pits too hehehe, it seems like it also removes deodorant and helps in removing b.o.).  Although, my pores are still visible they have improved and is less noticeable than before.  It will also help if you use warm/lukewarm water in cleansing the face as it will loosen the unnecessary oils clogging the pores.

Now if you're going to ask me, "can this remove make-up" - I'll just state my usual answer:  I don't know, I always double cleanse whenever I put makeup and this cleanser is just an assurance that everything has been removed and that my face looks and feel fresh and clean.

That's all for this cleanser and share your favorite cleanser or your favorite Etude House product with me :) (I love EH 's collagen cream).

Till then, Arya


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