June 11, 2014

ELF Color Stick and Studio Blush

Finally, our internet is back!  I can finally continue with my blushers posts.

The first two blushers that I bought are from Eyes.Lips.Face aka e.l.f.  The Essential All Over Color Stick (the one in white chubby stick) is a cream type of blusher that is perfect for beginners like me because I just lightly tap it on my cheeks and blend it with my clean fingers and voila! my face is flushing with pinkish color, no need for extra tools.

e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick
"This 3-in-1 Color Stick adds a beautiful glow to your eyes, lips, or face! Get gorgeous color that illuminates and instantly conditions skin for fresh and natural color all day long. Blend anywhere you would like to highlight and brighten like your cheeks and brow bones."

I got the pink lemonade which according to the SA is the most pigmented among the 5 colors available while the others are more like highlighters rather than blushers.  These color sticks all have shimmer that acts like a highlighter though I haven't tried it as a brow bone highlighter but I tried it as a lipstick and it looks weird, it's like I'm from the future wherein all people wanted everything to have a touch of chrome.  It looked okay though when I top it with a nude lip balm and smack my lips plenty of times.

Overall, I'm okay with it as a blusher which leads me to decide to get an orangey color (because last year,  orange makeup looks really good).

But the color that I'm looking for is not available so the SA suggested another blush this time in powder form and it's the Studio Blush in peachy keen which I fondly call as a demi contour and demi blush because it seems like its contouring and blushing at the same time when I apply it in between the hollows and apples of my cheeks.  Yes, it looks orangey but when worn, it's more like a peachy with a bit of a golden tan color.  This one has a more refine shimmer to it compared with the Essential All Over Color Stick.

e.l.f. Studio Blush
"The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!"

My sister said that the packaging reminds her of the ones from NARS except for the clear plastic part and I already saw a blog post comparing the colors from the two brands.  So far I'm loving what I got from e.l.f. and though they are more pricey here in the Philippines compared in the US, they are budget friendly.

The shimmery effect is most noticeable when under a direct light.  Oh I almost forgot about their longevity,  I think 4 hours is the max...sorry that's my best guess I really don't look at the mirror much and I also don't have the habit of retouching makeup :)

If you wanted to read my intro with my blushers then you can check out my A Touch of Blush post.  Thanks!


  1. ay sis get the color stick in golden peach :3 i love that color so so much, i also have pink lemonade but i dont get to use it often cause its too pink for my taste but golden peach i have been using it as a highlighter for years and i get compliments when i wear it :) its really nice. the only problem is most elf stores dont have the other colors like you said :( but you can get it online via nyxwholesale. ps - luvthepics <3

    1. i'm eyeing the gilden peach but it's always out of stock so thanks for the online store reco...i just very little amount of the pink lemonade so it will only look like im shyly blushing hehehe and because of that, i still have 90% of the product even after a year of usage :D kinda sulit hahaha

    2. and thanks for loving the pics, I hope the pictures will be better going forward (cross fingers)

    3. it is getting better and better i noticed :D and yes a stick last a long time haha, i also want to try their color tubes not sure what they are actually called. (im planning a drugstore haul by the end of the year - after my spending ban so im excited sana matuloy :P)

    4. wow, hopefully matapos na ang spending ban mo :P


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