June 13, 2014

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher

Here's a short makeup story in my life:  There's a time wherein I'm afraid to wear blush because of those girls who reapply blush every now and then or they just apply too much that it seems like they've been slapped a couple of times and I was like "do I have to put blush like that?" with a very worried face.  Sorry if this seem to be a bit mean to others but I just want my cheeks to have a natural flush for me to have some glow and color and so I've been a bit careful in choosing colors and I make sure to just put enough and blend well when I'm using the two blushers that I have that are quite pigmented.

One of the blushers that I have that just do the right thing even when I apply to much is the Nature Republic's Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in 02 Coral Rose.  Wondering why there's a sun in front of the packaging?  My explanation is that it gives a nice sun-kissed effect on the cheeks.

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher 02 Coral Rose (No 3711)
"Shine Blossom Rose Blusher makes your skin look more feminine with romantic rose color and perfume."

The coral rose perfectly describes the color of this blush:  it's like an old rose combined with the brightness of coral.  Like I said, it gives this natural sun-kissed effect that just brightens the face and can be used on a daily basis whether your at school or office or just doing some errands.  Let's just say that the color is pretty safe, simple, natural and laid back and even if I apply this thrice on my cheeks and forgot to blend it, I won't worry that I'll look like a clown.

Just look at the swatches below:  I applied the blusher thrice on the bottom swatch while the upper one is just lightly tapped and it just blends well with the color of my skin.

I also love the tin can packaging of this blusher with its metallic bronze/gold rose color and the size is just perfect for us girls who do not have a large makeup space.  The puff that comes with it also looks cute and perfectly fits the shape of my cheeks.  And even if this is in powder form, it can last the whole day that is IF I won't be sweating and wiping my face too much.

If you wanted to read my intro with my blushers then you can check out my A Touch of Blush post and might as well look into my ELF Color Stick and Studio Blush entry (just click on the names and it will directly lead you to the post).  Thanks!


  1. A beautiful color. And the design of the packaging is nice!

  2. i also don't apply blushes because of the same reason hahaha but with this product i might want to give it a try! it has a nice color anyway. hahaha love your blog name! latebloomerr hahha just like me, a late bloomer in so many things just like make up! hahaha


    1. thick blush=scary for me. well, nice to know there are othe latebloomers like me, I'm always scolded (actually up to now) to fix myself especially when going out...so unfortunate that my family hates my bed head and sleepy face

  3. What you mentioned in this blog is indeed very true. I mean I could relate to your ramblings on girls putting too much blush on! haha

    Anyway, I love Nature Republic, too. I'm hoping I could get my hands on this pretty blush soon.

    Followed you on bloglovin!


  4. I love the color, plus the super cute packaging. :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. yup and the puff is so cute too. i think it's a versatile color that can suit almost every skintone


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