August 30, 2014

August 2014: HAUL

Stressed?  Yes, but most importantly it's my birthday month so I allowed myself to spend on some things (not all, I have to be practical).  First stop is Forever21.  I almost got a leather jacket and another boots (which is the one that I've been eyeing in F21 US site) but I have to think thrice and weigh every pros and cons and cons won (I don't know how to rock leather in a warm humid weather).

So I pick some tops, just simple and basic ones that can be dress down or up.  I just love how the white shirt camouflages itself as formal with those texture (I remember that my mom has one of these just sitting in her closet only better when I was a kid and now I wish I kept and restore it.
I am always attracted to shirts with stripes...they just look nautical and refreshing and put together so I can't pass on the navy blue stripes shirt.  And when I got home I just realized that the two tops that I got from F21 are way pricier than my pants and was kinda a happy that I got another top (the flowery one) for just 250 pesos (that's less than $5) from a tiangge (hooray for tiannges!).

Still from Forever21, I got two black pants (although in the photo it's like dark blue) because they are on a reduced price and they almost perfectly fit me well (I can't find the perfect pants for my body type...I have weird body structure if you are wondering why).  They also already come with slim belts and I can roll the hem up (for a chic look) or down and they still look good.  They set great on my hips (not too high nor low), they have nice fabric and they are comfortable to wear!

I also bought a pair of Chucks because I miss them (I have 4 pairs before, I think) although I will only wear them on Friday's and maybe Sunday's too.  And another cheap shoes that I can use when walking going to work.

Other stuff that I bought are the plastic storage for my skincare products and makeup and them some other stuff recommended by my sister.  The A Bonne Spa Milk Salt is a cult favorite.  The Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E is my sister's happiness.  And the The Body Shop's hand cream are so light I got three (gave one to my sister) when I redeemed all my points and voucher from being ever so loyal with The Body Shop Philippines, I only paid 30 pesos, that's happiness for me!

Well, in just a day or two it's already September~"BER" months ,I can already smell christmas (why so fast!!!!).

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