August 30, 2014

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Sadly, I do not have oven anymore (insert cries and woes here) but nothing can stop me from making my own sweets and thanks to Claire Marshall of Hey Claire, I made a No Bake Oreo Cheesecake some time ago like nobody's business.

I actually also wanted to have Reese's version but I ran out of funds when I went to the grocery to buy ingredients (what a fail!) but if you have some then send them to me, just may also want to use choc nut as an alternative.  I think difficulty that I encountered in making this is that I do not have a beater/mixer so I just used fork which is a challenge because it took me a while before the cream cheese and condensed milk mixed together.

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake
adopted from Claire Marshall of Hey Claire

(just eyeball everything)
around 100grams graham (for the crust)
melted butter or margarine (again for the crust) around half of the one in the photoo above
cream cheese (I used the whole package)
condensed milk (I recommend to just use 3/4)
oreo cookies
lemon juice from half of the fruit

How to:
1.  Combined the grahams and melted butter to form a crust.  Depending on your preference you can just make a big size crust or mini ones...I just use small bowls, and pressed the grahams-butter mixture into the bottom.
2.  I put semi-crushed oreos on top of the crust for some crunch and flavor.  Set aside.
3.  Next for the filling, mix the cream cheese and condensed mix until well blended.  If you have mixer then go ahead and use it so your filling would be fluffy.
4.  Add the lemon juice for some kick.
5.  Por the filling into the crust and put oreos on top (be creative on the design).
6.  Refrigerate for at least an hour or until the filling is "settled".
7.  Get a fork and fight with your brother in eating this hehehe.

Yummy!  Yummy!  Yummy!  If you happen to make this, share it on my social sites ~links can be found after the best, Arya below :)


  1. Thank u for this recipe...sometimes i dont want to bake this is it!!!

  2. I remember last Christmas me and my sis made oreo cheesecake without baking too. This looks so yummy!

  3. Wow this looks delish! Gotta try this!

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  4. AY YES TO REESE VERSION! <3 i will make this on my "cheat" days.

    1. I intended to also make a reese version but while buying the ingredients, i grabbed some cookies ata to eat and i forgot to bring enough cash hahaha

  5. Bookmarked! Will do this sa weekends :d thanks for sharing, ginutom mo ak :D

    1. ahahaha, gusto ko nga gumawa ulit reese naman na version sana

  6. Ooooh yummy refrigerated cheesecake! Popping it in the oven can be such a hassle sometime so I definitely know where to come to the next time I want to do a spot of 'baking'!

    1. yeah, sometimes baking is bothersome so why not just cheat and refrigerate?


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