August 24, 2014

Holika Holika Pig-nose

Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub (why is the name so long???) is something that I hate in the beginning but that hatred turned into love when I accidentally learned how to properly use it.  This is a physical kind of scrub from; the name itself, sugar plus balm (the balm which has been a buzz in the youtube world which is said to be a better cleansing "agent" than other type/form cleansers? not sure, soon I'll find out since I'm going to use one...will try to compare it with oil, foam and other types of cleansers that I already use *cross finger*) and I can't believe that it has pink clay (I just found this out as in this very moment) or is it the balm that I'm looking at right now (I swear it looks like a balm!)).  Moving on, this one also has lemon extracts which explains the citrusy scent of the scrub and aloe vera, both of which is said to provide a brighten complexion and nourish skin.

If you are thinking that this will magically remove the blackheads on your face then you are wrong, this balm didn't promise that (based on the description I found in the net).  Instead it says that the soft white sugar exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells and allowing for the easier extraction of blackheads and other impurities from pores while the pink clay (which I think is the balm) help absorbs excess sebum.  Seems like your ordinary sugar scrub but the "balm" makes this scrub a bit special as it makes physical exfoliation/scrubbing much enjoyable and easier.

The balm/pink clay keeps the sugar from sticking to the face for better exfoliation and at the same time it already cleanses the skin and it can even remove make-up.  I just hate the sticky feeling it gives though so I either use a mild cleanser after or just lightly scrub my face again with a konjac jelly.  Or as directed, just wash off with lukewarm water (I don't have the luxury of having a hot and cold faucet so I rely with the konjac jelly).

I said in the beginning that I hated this at first just because I thought that the sugar is just too harsh for my skin but it turns out that I'm just exerting too much pressure.  One day I just absent-mindedly put this on my face (I think I'm daydreaming) and after like a minute, the sugar just dissolved and my skin was exfoliated without being hurt-no redness and harshness felt.

Overall, it's a good light scrub (if use properly) that loosens blackheads and sebum and makes extraction much easier.

p.s. I got the description info from  You can purchase this at and use to get a $5 voucher upon registration.


  1. hahaha oonga! ang haba ng name! i thought it's like a mask cream that hardens and then you can peel it off to remove blackheads :P

    1. i tried those before half the time effective naman but the waiting time is so long I get impatient ;)


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