September 12, 2014

Mustache, I mean Pore Strips

It's been awhile since I use pore strips since I noticed that the more I use them the more blackheads and whiteheads come back with vengeance or maybe my skin is just so clogged with dirt and hardened sebum...or maybe both?

Here are three strips that I used for the last couple of weeks, all of them are made from Korea even though the other one is a Filipino brand.

Opening the packets before hand saved me from smelling the burning scent of the TheFaceShop and Bench strips.  The It's Skin has an Eskinol smell which is more on the citrucy side.

It's Skin was the weakest remover from the three.  It didn't remove my blackheads plus whiteheads are sticking out that extra plucking is needed.  What I like about it though is that it has a bit of a cooling sensation.

According to the packaging "The Black Head Clear Nose Sheet with Charcoal and Witch Hazel extracts keep your nose skin soft and refreshed.  This product is designed to clean your noseby removing ugly black heads and cleansing clogged pores.  It also makes your skin dramatically clear and smooth"~not all true in my opinion, I'm just glad that it doesn't hurt to use this.

Next is from the TheFaceShop which I got as a freebie.  This one is the smelliest from the 3 and also the weakest that when I started to remove it from my nose it also started to tear.  This is a neutral one meaning it does remove blackheads and whiteheads but there would still be remainder to work on.  It almost have the same promise as It's Skin's but my nose is still not smooth as my forearm :P

Lastly, Bench.  This is the most effective but also the most painful to use (although very tolerable kind of pain, I'm talking pore strip stripping kind of pain here).  It did remove most of my blackheads even the big and stubborn ones and whiteheads but it's quite drying so better use moisturizer afterwards.  Like that it also has all the necessary information in the language that I can understand in its packaging and that the strip itself is made of a soft kind of material.  Like the TheFaceShop's, this also has a burning smell but more on the lighter side and again opening the packets beforehand helps in diminishing the weird scent.

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I used The Face Shop one last week and it didn't really do anything, haha. I was a bit disappointed, but thankfully it was a freebie also. It smelled sooo bad, too! I wonder if I'll be able to find some of the Bench strips around where I live. I'll have to look around for it next time. :)

    1. it'll be hard for you to get hold of the bench one since it's a local brand and it has limited branches abroad ahahaha thank goodness the face shop is just a freebie

  2. I don't know what to do with this, I hope that after I strip my nose I could find a way to close the pores too. Should I put Ice cubes on my nose after? I still use Iwhite, tipid tipid pag may time. I found a way to make it remove blackheads more by scrubbing my nose with baking soda first and then hardly press the cream on the nose.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


    1. ice cube i guess is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to close the pores after the "strip". Not sure but dissolving a ceratin amount of baking soda to a certain amount of water then soak some cotton pads into it and apply it to the nose area before "stripping" will greatly help loosen the heads in the skin..haven't tried it myself but they say that that's what they do before facials in spas :)

  3. Bench is definitely the one for me. No pain no gain yes? Hahaha! I can't stand flimsy pore strips because they are practically useless. They are not allowed to fall apart before sucking out most of my heads!

    1. ahahaha, yeah, well at least the pain is very tolerable...flimsy ones just beats the purpose


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