September 7, 2014

Let's Eat: Bornga!

My family loves to eat but lately, some members became a bit conscious about the food they put in their mouth and so in one of a mini family get together courtesy of one of our "elders" and her family we dine in Bornga, the one located across Columns in Makati City.

Here's some photos (because my battery run out, what a timing) and a little side notes from me about my experience with Bornga.

It just amazes me that Park Jong Won's Woo Samgyup is patented!  Below is 2/3 of the condiments/side dishes that was presented to us, yes it's a lot.  I like the red one that looks like sausage, I forgot the name but I think it's rice that is a bit spicy...I always see it in Running Man.

The very reason why we chose Bornga:  GREEN LEAVES!!!  And those are not just lettuce, there's also cabbage and other green leafy stuff that I don't know in the tray.

And some more condiments/side dish and we also ordered rice which is completely unnecessary because the green vegetables is enough plus the chapchae.

I thought that I will not like their chapchae since the ones that I tried are too sweet for my liking.  Luckily, Bornga's just have the right balance of sweetness and saltiness that we ordered another serving.

Of course we ordered pork and beef meat slices.  We thought that we're the one whose going to grill but wait, according to the mini comic strip the staffs are the one who's gonna prepare it for us.

And here's the grilled meat!  Yum, the one in the left is the beef which is best for the wrap and on the right (and someone is already snatching the meat while I'm taking a photo) is the prok which is so tasty you can also eat it with rice and would still taste flavorful.

And while we we're eating, the waiter is just there beside the griller grilling for us.  And another illustration on how to enjoy Woo Samgyup.

And TADA!!! My masterpiece, looking pretty and healthy!

Hope you enjoyed this yummy and light post :)  Keep on supporting The Certified Latebloomer!


  1. hehe i get ilang whenever theres a waiter that cooks the food in front of me, usually we ask if its okay na kami nalang magluto lol! but its a nice experience, awkward lang minsan parang may third wheel sa date hihi.

    1. kami din but at the same time relieved kasi di namin alam kung ano ilalagay dun sa meat

  2. I'm gonna send this link to my friend who goes crazy for everything Korean.

  3. Avocado smoothie must be delicious. I’ve never tried avocado before, since it’s not that easy to find and it will be more expensive than other products.
    I hope the stormy weather didn’t last. We got so much used to electricity it becomes really hard to live without it.
    It looks soooooooooo yummy! I just had my mid afternoon snack and I’m hungry again!!!!! It’s definitely my type of food and I wish I could try it. I hope everything is ok with you and that you are not very angry with me for this very long absence.
    But now I’m back to support you!
    Kisses and take care.

    1. where have you been? hehehe it's okay and thanks for remebering my blog when you came back from your vaction...avocado shake is really yummy and so are the food in bornga

  4. I like eating at Born Ga too :D Oh I'm craving for the japchae now :9


    1. it seems that the food is light but filling :) like it very much

  5. wow the food all looks amazing! Hungry now!

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  6. Look so yummy.

  7. Beautful :)


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