February 15, 2015

So What If I Don't Have a Boyfriend

February is the month of the year where almost everybody is asking me "Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend?"

This question intensifies during the 14th of February and whenever there's a family gathering or when you're friends don't have a topic to talk about.  Your "in a relationship" friends and family members would asks if your okay when you posts a picture dining alone and a status that goes along the lines of "Treating myself to a nice dinner".

But what are the reasons why you are not in a relationship?  Here are some things I heard (In my exaggerated mind's point of view) in the past few years:

1.  Your standards are so high that you are dreaming of a magical creature.
2.  You are so high that guys or gals look at you like a wicked witch/wizard.
3.  Ang choosy choosy mo!
4.  All men that are not in a relationship are gay so you are not their type (if you are a girl and vice versa if you are a boy)
5.  Ang pangit mo!  As in you are UGLY!

In my normal thinking point of view though, my reasons includes "I'm afraid to commit into a serious relationship", "I'm not mature enough for this type of phenomenon", "I haven't found the one who can truly accept me" and "I'm happy being single".

If I will be in a relationship, I wanted to be mature enough to accept anything about him and him accepting all of me (insert John Legend's song).  I would accept if he would not reply to my text about where he is, what he is eating, who is he hanging out, where is my chocolate, and why there is a girl beside him in his latest instagram picture.  And he would forgive me if I don't answer his text about where I am, what I'm I eating, who I'm hanging out, why I'm dying my hair and shopping, and why there is a boy beside me in my latest instagram picture.

In short, I wanted to be in a relationship wherein each party is mature enough to accept and forgive little things that don't really matter and each party is committed and trust each other no matter what.

Make sense?  Maybe I'm just dreamy!



  1. It's ok. Ok lang maging choosy, and it's so much better to be single than to be with someone and be miserable.

    1. Correct!!! ahahaha ayoko mag settle sa kung sino sino lang kahit na malapit na ako mawala sa kalendaryo :D

  2. it just means that you know what you want, and you know that you deserve to have it :) i think more ladies should hold a firm (not necessarily high) standard like you, both single and those are in a relationship.
    amagad i love that John Legend song! and its video with lindsey sterling soo romantic.

    1. true...i just got a little worried because everybody is worried about my lovelife ahahaha and I really wish that more ladies should set a standard for theur sake, maeami na kasi ako nababasa and naririnig na nakipagtextan lang ng ilang araw sila na haist! oh i'll see lindsey sterling this march because she will open for incubus :D


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