February 20, 2015

Random Review Again and Again

3W Clinic Olive Hand Cream
Not the most moisturizing hand cream that I tried but what I like about it is that it's so light, my skin absorbs it so well and I can't feel any residue after applying or even when I wash my hand which is usually the case for most hand cream and lotion that I tried.

Human Heart Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash
Tried this as an alternative for Cetaphil and works well not just as a wash but also as a shampoo though it doesn't lather much but if you have a sensitive skin like I do then this is a good alternative.

Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner Aqua Pure
This doesn't have dye and paraben and it catches my attention because of it's color and the "aqua" in it's label.  It's a light conditioner that doesn't weight down the hair but it's not as intensive as I want it to be.  For those with normal hair or even fine hair, this will work just fine but for those whose needs much more nourishment, this is not enough.

Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E Treatment
This is a recommendation from my sister and it works well.  It tames and straighten my hair and makes it more shiny and it does my makes my hair looks a little fuller and thicker.  The only thing that I really don't like about it is that it makes the ends of my hair tangled but the more I use it the less tangle I get but it's still there even if I already used up 3 tubes of this.

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter
I waited for so long to have this and I'm so glad that it's on sale when I purchased it.  It's super thick so I need to rub it first in my palms before applying on my skin for easy spreading.  The smell is so great! it's like chocolate pudding or a butter mixed with chocolate.  Moisturization is just okay probably because of the cold weather (where my skin gets extra dry).  Main reason though why I get this is because I read the cocoa butter helps with diminishing the appearance of scars and stretch marks...my scars are still in my body.  But at least I still smell like chocolate :P

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