February 20, 2015

Ramen Nagi

It's probably because of Naruto and a Japan Feature on TV that I've been into Ramen.  I've only been to a few ramen house/shop/resto and Ramen Nagi is the latest among the list.

I got the basic one which is the Original King Butao- the broth is pork based...I wanted beef but there's none.  Surprisingly I eat every bit of the meat including the fat from this ramen and I like that you have the right to customize how your ramen will be like and next time I'll remember to make the broth light because the normal level is already to thick for me which is not so good when the ramen is already cold and the spicyness at level 3.  The noodles is already premade, I wanted it to be freshly made (like in Naruto) and the ramen is not steaming hot when it was served.  Overall, it was okay but it's the best so far that I tried.

I never failed to order gyozas probably because I know how hard to make them (I made 20 pieces and took me like 2 hours to make them, it was exhausting) and this one is good!  It has the right balance of the vegetables, meat and ginger and it was served in this hot plate so it was still hot when served.  I wished they could have steam it a bit longer and served it with dimsun sauce rather than the oil based one.

My brother ordered King Butao which is really good according to him and it was so cool in my eyes because it's black (but because it's made of squid ink, I didn't bother to taste it since I'm already having allergy).  We also ordered iced tea which is lemony and has a hint of menthol on it which is also really good.

Now I'm craving another bowl of ramen and I also wanted to try udon.  Know any place?  Oh by the way, if you wanted ramen but also wanted a quiet place, Ramen Nagi is not the place for you.


  1. aye sis im allergic to squid and their ink as well so i can relate. but i gave this kind of ramen a go anyway haha. just to see how it tasted, color was really interesting kasi. im not a huge gyoza and ramen fan tho. im more of a sushi person :)

    1. me too dun ako sa color naattract but my allergy is just too much so I passed...gyoza is my favorite and I don't know whu although my excitement level went down when I tried to cook it

    2. ahaha, how about next time bring an emergency allergy medicine with you? or is the effect on you intense ba? sakin kasi with small intake kaya pa with medicine ^^

    3. I already took my medicine but during that week, ang intense lang talaga ng allergy ko...hay buhay ng di makakain ng lahat hehehe


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