October 26, 2014

Wabi-Sabi, The Collective

I should be doing something for work today or blog about a makeup that is also a skincare product but food distracts me!  Right now I'm eating a hot and hearty soup perfect for my colds ((insert tissue paper in the nostril, ooops sorry (not sorry ahahaha)).

Let's talk about Ramen Padilla and Fernando Pho Jr.

This is from Wabi-Sabi.  They have this noodle wars for ramen lovers (the Ramen Padilla side) and pho lovers (Fernando Pho Jr.) hehehe quite cute names deriving from famous Philippine action stars and well, the place reminds me of noodle house from action movies.

My brother ordered Shoyu Ramen (of course) which I think is a bit lonely compared to what Naruto usually get at Ichiraku...

photo from http://es.naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Ramen

...but there's a reason behind it that I only discovered just now....it's vegetarian!  I had a mini chopstick fight with my brother for me to grab some of the noodles and taste his ramen...it's not as flavorful as regular ramens but it's also not bland (which is usually what I taste when I eat a vegetarian dish (sorry to all vegetarians who read this but I'm not use to eating all vegie food)).

And since my brother ordered the Shoyu, I have to order something else and got the Vietnamese Pho.

I don't know what's the rationale behind this but everytime I visit a new restaurant/fast food store, I have to order something else even if what my companion ordered is what I really like.  Anyway, I'm the one craving for ramen when we went to Wabi-Sabi but their Miso Ramen is only available on certain days and so I ended up with having the Pho.  Considering that it is vegetarian, it's actually tasty...it's herby because of the basil and has this clean and straight taste...I can't finish the whole bowl though because I'm craving for a soup that has a lot of kick.

and Gyoza!!!!! I love gyoza that after I tasted it for the first from a Japanese restaurant/fast food store, I scour the net to get a nice, easy to follow recipe and man it takes a lot of time to make it because of the wrapping and frying and steaming at the same time but it's all worth it and now I wish I have a lot of time and patience to make 50 pieces again :D  After making one though, it became hard for me to find a resto that serves them according to my liking like for example from Wabi-Sabi, the "wrapper' is not crispy at the bottom and almost transparent (because of the steaming) at the top but it's okay...at least I don't need to make war for hours in the kitchen and this 3 pieces is very affordable.

And then drowning everything with a light version of Thai Milk Tea.  Light because I already tasted one from a authentic Thai restaurant and it's really...let's just say powerful :P

Wabi-Sabi is in The Collective, Makati City.

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