November 1, 2014

It's Skin Star Cream

I wanted to blog on a regular basis but heck I'm busy daydreaming about my good old job ahahaha.  I know I need to move on but anyway, since I'm not blogging as much like before (that I even share with you some grocery stuff) I've been choosing what to blog and deleting a lot of drafts since I'm just overcrowding not just my blog's space but also my mind but I think this one is a good one to share.

I ordered this It's Skin Star Cream via GMarket when it was release (whoah) because it's on sale and I'm glad that I got it even though I paid a gigantic amount of cash for custom taxes (I also got other stuff, but never again!).  It's cute, it shiny and got stars on it's packaging...what more can a girl ask?  But on the serious note, this is my "go to" face coverage because...

This stuff just do the the right things for my skin:  it has light coverage perfect enough for me to blur the imperfections of my face making it look smoother and it gives this glowy effect because of the "shiny pearl powder" ingredient which when hit by light kind of glisten so it's not proper to go overboard with this product unless you wanted to look like a glistening vampire.  Or if you wanted to highlight some part of your face then go ahead, double apply this cream it pretty much works like a highlighter in cream form.

Two more things that I like about this cream is that it has SPF25 so I don't have to apply a separate cream with spf and it's moisturizing: this one is definitely a makeup and a skincare product in one.

This can also act like a base slash cc cream though your foundation or bb cream shouldn't be too heavy specially those with oily skin since this cream is moisturizing.

See the "brightening" and "glistening" effect at the back of my hand?  Not too obvious so it's perfect because I don't want to be like a walking disco ball!

Despite it's cutesy packaging, this cream is seriously good.  It's like the better version of chin chan su that can work as a base, light bb cream or foundation, highlighter and a day moisturizer.


  1. I've never tried any of Its Skin product before but their CC cream looks promising. :) Nice review,it reminds me of Holika2 real skin finish.

    1. I haven't tried any holika holika makeup though I'm eyeing some items. this cream is not advertise as a cc cream but it seems liek it to me

  2. That's sooooo cute! And it covers a lot of areas too! Great that it has spf though I read somewhere that spf for our face should be a minimum of spf30 :)

    Wonder when this will be available locally.. or is it already?


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    1. It's Skin has now a store in SM North Edsa but haven't visited it yet so I'm not sure


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