December 19, 2014

Shine Bright Baby!

Here are three of my make-ups that can make me shine bright like a diamond in a party (that is if I attend one).

Missha The Style Mono Touch Eyeshadow CBE1
This can be use in the inner corner to brighten the eyes or as a base or just wear it alone if you wanted something beige, creamy and a bit glitzy.  Got this because it has the Get It Beauty seal which means it's one of the best beauty product in Korea.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of glitzy or shimmery makeup so I don't use this but maybe this holiday season I can use it as a highlighter.

Clio Gelpresso Mini Bloody Sweet #13
This is a light pink color with a metallic finish that can be use as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow.  This looks good in photos but I find some chunks of glitter when I apply this on my lids which makes me hate it.  I actually got this by mistake because I wanted a black eyeliner but the translation is just so bad that I got this instead.  Again, if you wanted to add some glitz or shimmer around your eyes, then this is for you.

3W Clinic Powder Transparent Pearl
Also known as Palgantong, this is in my must try list because of all the beautiful reviews plus this is use by a lot of makeup artist to the stars in Korea.  I got the transparent pearl because I only wanted a powder to set my makeup and this is could have been perfect because it is finely milled...but it has this tiny specks of glitters on it.  Seriously, I look like Edward Cullen when I first used this because my face shine like there's diamond on it when I'm under the sun and my niece said "you're so shiny!!!".  This can perfectly act as a highlighter though :)

Shining brightly lately?


  1. I love glitter! I wear shimmery shadow even in the summer.HAHA

    1. I wish I know how to apply them without looking dramatic

  2. Oh that DoDo Clinic version pearl sounds interesting I used the matte version

    1. without the glitz, the powder is perfect hehehe but it is an interesting product

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Missha eye shadows for a while…and I’m sure that colour would work well as a highlighter. Regarding the pencil, too much glitter doesn’t work for me either and they do tend to spread through my face…The powder does seem a little to shiny as well! In my very personal opinion, you could try using the eye shadow and powder for highlighting.

    Buying more than I need and eating more than necessary has also happened to me and it’s horrible when that happens, because in the end it just makes us unhappy in the end. Of course we can’t just ignore them, we have to try and overcome our problems but we do need to take a stand and not let other people just run over us as if we have no feeling or no right to live! It’s really, really hard and some days I can’t overcome it, but I still keep trying. For some reason there is a bit of faith left in my life that makes move forward.
    And yes, blogging is a wonderful help!!! I’ve realized that now and I’m back as well. I can’t believe I made that bag either, but looking at those things makes me think that maybe I’m not as useless as I thought, or as many people make me feel.
    Let’s try and have a wonderful Christmas.
    Happy Holidays and whenever you need to talk, I’m here. Just send it to my email!
    Kisses and take care! I’m happy that we’re both back.

    1. yeah, too bad I'm not good and not a fan of highlighting and bronzing. buying things seems fun but often times it just makes me empty and left with cluttered closet and empty bank account which is bad so I hope I can find a more productive medium to bent my stress...the bag you made is really cool :)

  4. If a kid can see how shiny your face is, it's definitely shiny :P -- Rae

  5. Not sure if I will like shimmery products. I don't have some yet. And even if I did have before, it just turned to waste. Not interested in those things before. I agree that buying is fun (feels like I'm a recruit here :D) but I hope I would not end up buying too much things.


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