January 24, 2015

Ramyun Almost Supreme

I think this would be in it's supreme state if I added hard boiled egg, some strips of cabbage and fish cakes(???) that are usually found in ramens (usually in swirls of pink and white) plus chopsticks instead of spoon but this is what I usually do with my ramyun~ more meaty and a bit healthier because of the added vegetables.  I also tried putting cheese before and it's so YUM!

To make this, you just need:
The Veggies!
Carrots and spring onions are my go to because they are readily available, colorful and cheap :)

and Chicken Balls
for extra meat and chunks.  Tried fish ball before and it tasted nasty so I always go with chicken.

What I do is just cooked the spicy ramyun according to instruction with the balls included for its taste to blend with the soup.  Add the spring onions and let it simmer for 30 seconds and serve with a grin and watch everyone frantically fan their mouth because of the spicyness but still enjoying the eating eat.

Soup + Spicy = Perfect for chilly weather.  ∆rya


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