January 25, 2015

Winter is Here

During chilly months, I get extra dry hands and nails to the point that if I don't moisturize after washing, they get flaky and and my nails are more prone to breakage.  An extra step is needed to keep my hands and nails to their normal state.

Hand Mask
There's a hair mask, face mask so don't be surprised if there's also a hand mask.  I'm making my own by mashing half of an avocado mixing it with a teaspoon of honey.  Just apply all over hands and nails, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse.  The combination always makes my hands and nails moisturize and smooth.

Cut, Clip & Shape
My nails are usually cut short and straight for easy maintenance and for me not to bite them :)  Then I the sides of my nails with and emery board for a smooth finish.  I have time,  I use a nail buffer with 4 sides to make my nails shiny and polish.

Here's a complete tip on how to Winterize Nails from our friends from Julep:

For color, something a bit plummy and a little sparkly can winterize the nails.  From the color palette below, I'll go with Joanne as it looks simple yet sophisticated and can work well with the color scheme of my wardrobe which is mostly black, navy blue, cream and white.

Sawyer will be my go to if I wanted something sparkly as the copper color and hints of spark didn't intimidate me.

My picks of color are usually simple and versatile to suite my almost minimalist and rock star style so Joanne and Sawyer are perfect for me.

How do you take care of your hands and nails during this season?



  1. hmmm avocado and honey, that mustve been tempting to eat it off your hands :) its so cold nga lately sis, here in the south it feels like Baguio pag gabi na. so im also having some dry skin issues. im currently using the nivea cream in that blue tin can. i have 3 cans here at home lol

    1. I actually tasted it, it's yummy ^^,
      oh mas malamig diyan sa area niyo, I'm using body butter and it's still not enough on some parts of my skin..hmmm mukhang nivea nga ang sagot, and wow you have 3 hahaha

  2. For the colder months I only use lotion and sunflower oil but now if there's avocado around il save a scoop for my hands :)


  3. ooh I didn't know about a hand mask! Now that I think about it my hands are in need of some TLC!


    1. the brain keeps on inventing things hehehe. our hand needs some of our love indeed


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