February 14, 2015

Bought Myself Some Chocolates :P

Roses are red/Violets are blue/Potato Chips and Chocolate/Can be given on Valentine's too!!!

And I would rather get chocolates than roses but I have no special friend to give me some (I'm not ready for that kind of relationship) so heck I'll just buy myself some assortment of chocolates though I always do buy chocolates...but not this much.

If you noticed, the mango chocolate packet is already empty...and the rest are also empty and are all in my belly but still gonna share them to you anyway.

Meiji Macadamia is my favorite probably because of the creaminess and nuttiness of the macadamias and then every piece is covered with milk chocolate, damn that is so good *drools*.  Meiji Black Chocolate would have to second because it makes me think that it's a brain and less sweet so the guilt level is 50% less compared to other kinds of chocolates.  I like specifically those from Meiji because they are creamy unlike others who are more on the coarse side and I can even feel the grits of sugar on some.

If I don't have enough cash but still wanted some nuts and chocolate, I go with Meiji Almond (nope I am not sponsored by Meiji but I wanted to (free chocolates *insert imagination of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory*!!!!)).  Whole Almond Nuts covered with chocolate which is less sweeter than those from the Macadamia.  An if I wanted some tanginess and a little refreshing flavor then I would go for Meiji Apollo Strawberry (correct me if the name is wrong, those are the only words that I can read in the box, the rest are in japanese).

And because I love different flavors infused in chocolates (like sea salt, mint and pili), I got Lindt Dark Chocolate Chili which seems like a normal chocolate when it touches the tongue but once it reaches the back of my throat, there's this spicy sensation that creeps down until you completely swallow the remains of the chocolate.

At first I thought "Mango Chocolate??? What the ...." but before I can utter bad words in my mind, I remember that there's already strawberry and pineapple chocolate so the idea of chocolate and mango together as a couple is not so bad at all.  And this Philippine Brand Mango Chocolate is great and hope that next time that I'll visit the grocery, I'll get the big box though it's a bit pricey but who cares, it's so good!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and for all singles out there (I'm raising my hand), Happy Single Awareness Day!

I may not know you but I'm spreading the love...so I Love You x∆rya


  1. I haven't seen that mango chocolate yet. I'm interested.

    1. dried mango dipped in chocolate, it's good Rae :D

  2. I need more chocolate in my life. This is a nice little collection!
    My friend bought chocolate and split it with me on Valentine's Day... it was a nice consolation.
    I hope you had a good day anyway! Singleness is still fun!

    1. nice friend. Had a blast with so much food in vday :)

  3. sis chocolate covered macadamia nuts are also my fave!

    1. it's so good right...i can finish a whole big box (the ones from hawaii and guam) in just one sitting


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