January 4, 2015

Sample: Sulwhasoo

Gone for awhile but I'm trying to get back to this blog though for now I'm on auto pilot and wouldn't be very chatty.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream
Got interested with this cream as I read a review somewhere that it rejuvenates skin which my tired face mostly need and it works.  Some might get irk about the ginseng, earthy and herby smell but this stuff really moisturizes and seem to repair the skin.  Although it's on the fluidy side, it feels heavy on the skin.  It's probably because I used a lot of water based skincare lately but so far this is a great cream.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Eye Cream
I ordered 30+ sachets of this eye cream which equates to a full size amount.  This is a thick but tolerable eye cream which, again, kinda rejuvenates the undereye area.  Though it did not make my dark circle go away or the lines in the undereye area, it keeps the wrinkles and crow feet at bay which is good because I'm already nearing 30.  Although it's a heavy eye cream, I find it better than using a fluidy one as it doesn't slide on my cheeks...it just stay where I apply it and with the right amount, gets absorb by skin quite fast.

Great New Year to Everyone.

Cheers to 2015!


  1. I still haven't touched the sulwhasoo emulsion you gave me. Can I use that before the sleeping pack?

  2. Ohh based on your review, this is nice ah. I wish they improve on lightening dark circles since that's kinda my main problem with my under eyes, plus the lines. Have you tried the Quick FX eyecream in watsons, I've heard really good feedback din with that. :)

    1. me too but I just can't find the right product for lightening undereyes...also I read somewhere that too much sugar is also one of the culprit of dark undereyes..Haven't tried the Quick FX, they seem to have lots of products na akala ko for hair lang, meron din pala silang skincare...right now I'm using an eye cream from Iope

  3. Where did you order yours? I found your 2013 entry on local online sellers pero puro Facebook (I don’t have one) or deactivated na yata? I’m looking for local sellers para iwas perwisyo sa customs. Salamat!

    1. puro facebook ako umoorder eh...meron isang ebay, behappywithme yung name, try mo din si kkochipida.com though most of the time mga out of stock yung items niya


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