January 4, 2015

Sample: IOPE Kit

Auto pilot:  ON

Got 4 of this IOPE Moisture Intense Kit last 2013 and use most of them last year.

IOPE Moisture Skin Cleansing Foam
It says that this cleansing foam is moisturing, it's not.  While it really cleanses my face, it also suck all the moisture out of my face like I when I use ordianry bar soaps.

IOPE Moisture Intense Softener
Ahhh, this one is something that I really like.  Though it's thicker than normal toners, this is perfect for my dry skin as it also moisturize it while toning and it makes the skin soft.

IOPE Moisture Intense Emulsion
Lately, I'm not a fan of emulsion anymore and this one feels more like a body lotion.  I gave most of them to my sister and a friend.  Some, I just use it as a body lotion when I'm travelling or at someone else place (the size is perfect for travelling).

IOPE Moisture Intense Cream
The intensity of moisturization of this is so high that my crack heels benefited much from this cream.  Moisturization wise, this is really good but it just so heavy on the face and sometimes I wake up with an oily face when I use this at night.  This is more applicable to those with a winter or a very cold weather.

IOPE Mild Sun Cream
This is my favorite out of this kit.  It has SPF 35, it's moisturizing, it's easy to spread and it also acts like a base that it blurs my pores and other imperfections of my face plus it also makes my skin glow a little bit.  It has a pleasant smell and looks really natural considering it has spf which makes my skin look ghastly.

IOPE Bio Activator Plant Stem Cell Active
Not part of the set.  This essence/ampoule or whatever IOPE call it is amazing as it got rid of the bumps that I got from Olay Regenerist Cream.  It also makes my skin much smoother  and my pores looking smaller.  This is a very active product that when I use it day and night on a daily basis, my skin got a little sensitive so I just use this at night.

Happy New Year!



  1. Oh my God this set sounds great sweetie~


    1. thanks Sakuranko...the kit is a great way to test and knowing the effect of the products without spending too much. Happy 2015 :)

  2. Nice to know the Bio Activator Plant Stem Cell Active (whew!) is a winner. I've been suffering from small bumps from a different product I was using awhile back, so this might be something for me to consider!
    I almost bought the emulsion last month, but I'm sort of glad I didn't because after trying a few sample sizes, I find they're kind of unnecessary. Great kit review! :)

    1. Long name but it works! Emulsions became unnecessary in my skincare routine when I started using oil based ampoule/serum. Thank Terri and haply new year :D


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