January 20, 2015

Oops! I Did It Again

This is supposed to be a Lush haul.  I thought that I would be like the youtubers going gaga over their Lush haul but when the sales assistant said that they don't have the mask of magnaminty, my heart sunk.  Still look into the products to find what my sister asked me to buy for her and the serum with camu camu (if I'm not mistaken) but I can't find them in the neat shelves of soaps, hair products and other stuff.  So I went to Sunnies to find Donnie, I have the plan of changing its lense to graded one but my eyes got disappointed when it's also out of stuck...And then, out of a whim I remember, Forever 21...wrong move on my part because that's when the series of shopping events started :P

By the time I got to Landmark to buy a pillow, I already have 5 shopping bags in my hand so why not show them to you even though all of them are pretty basic and my photos (as usual) are in blur.

It's BOGO time again and their boots are included (OMG!).  I've been eyeing a lot of F21's boots and I finally got one (although when I'm in the store I'm contemplating if I should get the military style too but then again how will I wear it in my everyday office attire?)  I got an ankle boots with square toes (because pointed shoes are just painful for me) with I think 2 or 1.5 inches heels which is surprisingly comfortable.  The zipper on the sides makes me smile, it's easy to wear and remove the shoes because of this detail.  The crisscross straps are nice too but I won't mind if they are not included.

Since I can't find another shoe to pair with my boots as a BOGO, I got a blazer.  It's just okay for me but I rather get something else but my options are very limited since the available shoes in SM Makati are all pointy, the clothes consists of skirts, dresses and sleeveless tops, and the bags are just not my type.  I contemplated a lot while in store (I couldn't believe I spent an hour in F21)
and here's a funny thing:  I asked someone in the boots section if she would want to share the price with me (I'm kinda desperate na) , too bad she wanted to buy 2.  I got rejected, nabusted ako guys huhuhuh.

The two knitted "muscle tops" are just 300 pesos for both, cheaper than my camis so why not?  They are good for layering and in the summertime.

It's all Forever 21's fault because across its store is H&M which is also on sale (DAMN).

I wanted to also get a gray cardigan but I needed a trouser more because I got really fat over the holidays and the "jogger" pants from H&M are comfy and can hide my big belly (and it's on sale).

I hear a lot people saying "what's with Uniqlo, the clothes are just so plain" and that's what I love about Uniqlo, they are plain actually the more correct word is basic and I'm eyeing a lot of the store's button downs that are wrinkle free and stretchy pants.  I got the ponti leggings pants that is thicker than normal leggings and looks like a regular office pants, I just hope no ones going to notice it when I wear this in the office (crossfinger).

Lastly, Bench.  I don't know what's wrong with me but I always wear cami when I'm wearing a polyester type of fabric or a button down shirt so my sister introduced me to these Cami Bras.  I just have an okay size boobs so support is not a problem and the feeling that there's no thick "band" on my lower chest area is freedom!

Happy Shopping! Arya

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  1. Yes. Exactly. It's actually hard to find a basic clothes now. Lahat puro may ruffles or kung ano anong design. What if I want just a basic plain shirt or tank top. I love Uni Qlo.

    - Rae

    1. sometimes I go to the men's section for simpler designs pero siyempre iba yung fit, so I'm very happy with uniqlo lalo na oag nagsasale sila :D

  2. I love basic wear. I went into Uniqlo for the first time while I was in Asia and was surprised at how simple all the stuff looked, yet they were all very practical and great for layering. Unfortunately the few things I did try on didn't fit me very well though.
    I gotta get some "jogger" pants. I definitely have a belly to hide after all the holiday eating. Those are cute boots you scored at F21! Too bad that other person didn't split the sale with you though. :P

    1. I can't fit in their normal pants so I always go for jeggings and ponti leggings and sometimes I go to the men's section for shirt :) yeah too bad the girld didn't split the sale with but at least I have a nice pair of boots :) thanks Terri

  3. When F21 have their crzy sales I can get a whole outfit for the price of their jackets. hehe. love you purchases I have cami's in several colors because a lot of clothes now are so sheer..

    1. Quite crazy and makes me sad to find out that the top I bought is on sale too so I always tell myself now to wait for BOGO :D

  4. "By the time I got to Landmark to buy a pillow, I already have 5 shopping bags in my hand " -- this made me lol! ako din by the time i reach the grocery store wala na akong pang grocery lmao. sis pls enlighten me and explain what BOGO is ^^

    1. my times din na nakukulangan na ako sa panggrocery kasi nasisidetrack sa mga shop na may sale. BOGO means buy one get one on items that are already on sale in Forever21. The boots was aroumd 2000 then it went on sale for 1500 and I have to get the blazer para di sayang yung BOGO na promo :)


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